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Before he started taking his shirt off too much and became a punchline for easy stoner jokes, Matthew McConaughey seemed on his way to becoming a pretty legitimately good actor. Then he became a box office draw, started making horrible movies, and he’s seemed pretty much beyond redemption for nearly a decade now. Still it looks like he’s finally making some sort of effort to come back into the light. He was funny in limited minutes, showing up in Tropic Thunder, and now he’s doing a serious, dramatic thriller called The Lincoln Lawyer. It has Oscar bait written all over it.

The film stars McConaughey as Mickey Haller, a lawyer representing a high-profile Beverly Hills client. It’s based on the same named novel from crime writer Michael Connelly, which got its name from Mickey’s habit of conducting his business out of the back of an old, chauffeured Lincoln Town Car.

The first trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer has arrived. Watch it below or in HD on Yahoo and we’ll talk more below after we’ve all seen it.

The most surprising thing here is that McConaughey, best known for playing brain dead idiots, is pretty convincing as a somewhat gritty, intense lawyer. The trailer works. I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, or what Marissa Tomei is doing in it, but having Marisa Tomei at all is a pretty good thing. Tomei seems to have a knack these days for picking great projects. She’s on her way to becoming a real seal of quality, if this turns out to be even half as good as The Wrestler. It’s also nice to see Ryan Phillippe recovering from MacGruber. What the hell was he doing in that movie, anyway?

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