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There are a lot of interesting relationships between truth and fiction in The Fighter, which is a fairly straightforward biopic of the real boxer "Irish" Micky Ward that also takes some liberties with the facts. Director David O. Russell was slavishly true to the details of Lowell, Massachusetts, where Micky grew up, and shoots the boxing scenes with the kind of grainy video that HBO viewers would have seen when watching Ward's actual fights in the early 90s. During the final climactic fight Russell used the audio from the actual announcers in the match, and yet, if you look at the two side by side, there are some glaring differences, even down to Ward's actual weight.

Before I go forward, SPOILERS FOR THE FIGHTER ahead. You problem don't want to read or watch this if you haven't seen the movie.

YouTube user Fandorific actually took the time to watch the two fights side by side, and cut together this pretty impressive video, which compares the two fights side by side with video, audio and subtitles explaining the differences. There are plenty you would expect-- the actual motivational speech Dickie gives to Micky between rounds isn't nearly so heartwarming, and Russell juices the action to make things a little more cinematic-- but there are some strange glaring inaccuracies, from random statistics about Ward's career to the fact that he was never knocked down in the actual fight but hits the mat near the end of the movie version.

The video seems to think the differences are flaws in the movie, but I don't blame Russell for taking his artistic license; as someone who knows nothing about boxing the changes make the fight easier for me to understand, and if you're not going to work some kind of inspirational speech into the big final fight, then why even bother making the movie? Even if you don't think the changes are problems, though, the video is fascinating and eye-opening to watch. Check it out below.

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