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A new poster for Unknown has been released and despite their best efforts to the contrary with this poster, it still looks a lot like Taken. Most of the posters for Taken involved Liam Neeson in profile or Liam Nesson holding a gun, and that’s pretty much what we’ve gotten with Unknown too.

Technically the plots are entirely different. Taken has Neeson playing a father out to save his daughter from sex slavery by destroying everyone in his path, while Unknown has Neeson playing a man whose life has been erased and sets out to take it back by destroying everyone in his path. It’s the destroying everyone in his path part that’s really critical though, since when it comes to pulling that off, few do it better on screen than Liam. Have you seen Rob Roy? You should really see it.

Here’s the new poster for Unknown:

And in case you missed it before, here’s the full Unknown trailer:

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