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Last September, Ryan Reynolds, who for a while has been picking up projects left and right, told fans that, thanks to scheduling, only one of two comic book adaptations, Deadpool and R.I.P.D., would be moving forward. Despite pleas from fans for Reynolds to do the former, it's looking more and more like the latter is going to beat it.

The LA Times is reporting from an unnamed source that Zach Galifianakis has entered talks to co-star in R.I.P.D. Set to be directed by RED helmer Robert Schwentke, the film is about two dead cops, one a recently murdered policeman, the other an old west gunslinger, who patrol the underworld. Reynolds is set to play the cop and Galifianakis will play the bandit. According to the story, Universal is currently shooting for a summer production.

While part of me really does like the pairing of Reynolds and Galifianakis, the more dominant side of me is weeping openly about the fact that we may never see a Deadpool movie. R.I.P.D. better be either the greatest thing to ever hit cinemas or Reynolds needs to try and move some stuff around.

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