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I’ve often wondered why so many high profile actors and musicians are attracted to children’s films, and through all this pondering, I’ve only come up with two viable solutions. Either it’s one of the easiest paychecks anyone could hope to get in Hollywood or it’s a uniquely fun, child-like experience absent most of the pressures surrounding studio-made films. In reality, it’s likely a combination of both, but I like to place a bigger emphasis on the second reason, especially when it comes to adaptations of classic stories. Regardless of how old I get, it’s unlikely any book or movie will ever be as important to me as Peter Pan was when I was seven. It seems Zooey Deschanel feels the same way about Winnie The Pooh.

The actress, singer and hottie has recorded some songs to be featured in Disney’s upcoming version of the Milne classic, and in conjunction with that, the studio has released an excerpt of one of the songs and a brief interview to hype her appearance. Among her contributions are a version of the classic theme song “Winnie The Pooh” and an original duet with M Ward to be featured over the closing credits called “So Long”. Take a look at her discuss her contributions in the video below…

I love the cut-to shot of Winnie jumping in the pool of honey. He’s a bear of simple taste. Winnie The Pooh opens in theaters on July 15th. If people are as excited about seeing it as Zooey Deschanel seems to be about performing in it, the film should do big business at the box office.

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