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The first trailer for The Three Musketeers was a little confusing, even for a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. That trailer didn’t seem to be so much about the Musketeers we’ve come to know and love after their dozens of different film incarnations (I guess they’re in some book too), it seemed to be mostly about Milla Jovovich doing sweet Matrix moves. Didn’t know Resident Evil’s Alice was a Musketeer? The new trailer does a better job of explaining where all her kung fu fits into the picture.

Watch the newest trailer for The Three Musketeers below.

So now we know not only why Milla is in this movie, but also why she knows Kung Fu. Apparently she’s the world’s deadliest assassin. If this goes well, maybe she’ll eventually be hired by Dr. Evil the next time he needs to gather a bunch of world’s deadliest assassins together for a group potluck.

For now it looks like somewhere along the way Milla's assassin character may actually team up with the Musketeers... which is weird. I guess someone thought this movie needed a female character? Michael Bay doesn't seem to have to worry about these sorts of gender issues when making his Transformers movies, why should Paul W.S. Anderson? Oh yeah, probably because he's married to Milla Jovovich. We married men have all been there Paul. We get it.

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