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Contraband, which hits theaters on Jan. 13, stars Mark Wahlberg as a former criminal gone straight who is forced to re-enter the life when his wife’s younger brother gets mixed up with the wrong people. It’s the classic “just when you thought you were out” scenario, and Wahlberg’s the ideal choice to play a smoldering lead tearing his way through an international gang of thieves as the threat level escalates. We ran the first trailer a few weeks ago, and now there’s an official poster:

Yep. Looks like Wahlberg’s ready to go to great lengths to protect his family from some pretty nasty thugs. I don’t know enough about Contraband director Baltasar Kormákur, an Icelandic filmmaker whose credits include Jar City and Inhale. So we have to lean on the cast, which is pretty impressive. Wahlberg’s going into battle with Ben Foster, Diego Luna and Giovanni Ribisi to protect his significant other, played by the beautiful Kate Beckinsale. Who wouldn’t risk their life for her?

J.K. Simmons and Lukas Haas lend a hand in support, but this doesn’t look like an acting showcase. It looks like one major action set piece after another, and after a full season of Oscar-pedigreed dramas, we’re going to be looking for a little brain candy like Contraband. The poster might not do much for you, but now that you’ve seen it and the trailer, what are your thoughts?

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