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For the eighth weekend in a row in 2012, the weekend box office is looking to be up over this time last year-- and this weekend, you have some active duty Navy SEALs to thank for that. According to the early numbers at Deadline, realistic war movie Act of Valor is looking to be #1 for the weekend, bringing in $9.4 million on Friday and on track for $27 million for the weekend. It made a third more than its nearest competition, Tyler Perry's Good Deeds, which is on track for a $17.5 million weekend-- pretty small, even for a Tyler Perry movie without Madea. Still, both were strong enough to unseat the holdover champions The Vow and Safe House, which were still good enough for third and fourth place.

Both of those movies will either cross $100 million this weekend or come close to it, making them by far the biggest grossers of the year so far. They also completely outpace the weekend's other new releases-- the Jennifer Aniston-Paul Rudd comedy is on track for just $7 million, while the Amanda Seyfried thriller debacle Gone is looking to make just $4.6 million-- probably better than they would have done sending the movie straight to DVD, where it belongs, but also a little embarrassing.

If you're planning to see any of these movies this weekend, check out our reviews for more information. Eric found Wanderlust not much "more than a diversion, but as far as diversions go it’s a great one", while I tore apart Gone, saying it's a "thriller so bad you barely believe it exists." Sean and Mack felt pretty positive about the movies they reviewed-- Sean called act of Valor "the closest you can come to experiencing a military mission from the perspective of a Navy SEAL without actually enlisting", and Mack wrote that Good Deeds was the first Tyler Perry movie exclusively populated by characters, as opposed to caricatures."

If you've seen any of these movies this weekend, let us know what you thought in the comments!

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