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Everyone knows it doesn't take much to sell Taken 2. Really, all it takes is one thing-- Liam Neeson, scowling into the middle distance. It helps if you can add a tagline that promises something about his quest for vengeance, but Neeson's terrifying mug is really all it takes-- that's how Taken became a surprise hit back in 2009, and that's how Fox is planning to sell Taken 2 before its release this fall. We've already gotten a few looks at Neeson's wrath in the early images from the film, and now the first poster has premiered at Empire Online-- though since they're a UK site, it's in that horizontal British format, and may not look the same Stateside. Regardless, you're going to want to take a look below.


Neeson's character Bryan Mills is typically a man of action, not sitting around contemplating his next move, so we'll just assume this poster has caught him in a rare moment of reflection. Though he's back in Europe to kick asses and save lives in Taken 2, this time around the tables are slightly turned-- he's the one who's been taken captive, by the same Albanian good-for-nothings who took his daughter (Maggie Grace) last time, and his daughter and wife team up to find him. Maybe this poster is supposed to be the time when he's being held captive, and before he clearly escapes and, as we saw in the previously release images, unleashes some vengeance of his own.

With the macho-fest of The Expendables 2 coming even sooner, in August, I can't help but be more excited about Taken 2, which will also contain plenty of punching and maybe a few explosions, but has Liam Neeson compelling you to keep watching no matter how dumb it is. He may be an incredibly unlikely action hero, but he's also damn good at it as well.

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