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Among the projects in the works from Antoine Fuqua is Millennium Films' action movie Olympus Has Fallen, which will have Gerard Butler starring as a Secret Service agent responding to a terrorist attack from North Koreans who have taken over the White House as part of a plot to detonate nuclear weapons on U.S. soil. Written by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt, the film also stars Aaron Eckhart, and now word is, Angela Bassett has joined the cast.

While Eckhart will play the U.S. President, according to Variety, Bassett has signed on to play the role of the head of the Secret Service, "who is left infuriated by the security breach." Given the plot of the movie, it sounds like she'll have her hands full in trying to deal with a pretty major security breach.

Describing Bassett's character as "infuriated" conjures the image of a justifiably angry woman tearing apart a fancy walk-in closet full of men's suits and accessories. Her hair's down and she's dressed in a bathrobe. The mental image ends with her dumping all of the expensive suits into a luxury vehicle and lighting the whole thing on fire. But something tells me that, in the case of Olympus, her fury will be channeled more toward fighting terrorists. Still, given her outstanding display of anger in Waiting to Exhale, I don't envy anyone who makes her mad.

Bassett was more recently seen playing the boss to Chris Pine and Tom Hardy's characters in McG's This Means War. While it wasn't a particularly huge role, and the mood of this action film was much lighter than I expect Olympus has Fallen to be, it did have her in another position of authority. Her participation in Olympus certainly adds to the cast appeal of the movie.

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