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Savages seems to be a U-Turn for director Oliver Stone. After more than a few years making films no one could possibly be excited about - the three 'Ws,' World Trade Center, W. and Wall Street 2 - Savages might be a return to the writer-director's pulpier and, at least, entertaining past. But the gritty, criminal setting isn't the only reason that the new Stone might be worth a look; he's also assembled a pretty great cast for the picture. I'd introduce them, but the new featurette for the film does that for me. Here's the ensemble sharing that they are all Savages...

Once again set to Eminen's "Till I Collapse," a great song choice with it's big beats complementing the hard action, the 'I'm a Savage' preview doesn't offer much from the film we haven't already seen, however, it does have some jarring cuts to the cast. When Salma Hayek first says her name, I must admit it was just weird. The way they edit the film's dialogue with the actors out of character is bizarre, but it becomes less so as the trailer progresses and I ended up liking both Aaron Johnson and Benicio del Toro's turns to the camera.

In addition to Hayek, Johnson and del Toro, we also get to see Taylor Kitsch, John Travolta and Stone himself all say "I'm a savage," but noticeably absent from the asides - though certainly not the featurette - was leading lady Blake Lively. Perhaps this is a subtle comment that she's the only character in the film that's not a savage? Savages opens on Friday, July 6th and more information, photos and previews can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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