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Looper would be high on our must-see list for the second half of 2012 even if we knew absolutely nothing about director Rian Johnson. After all, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s on an insane hot streak right now, with stellar turns in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. Pairing him with an action hero like Bruce Willis and a knockout beauty like Emily Blunt, and we’re going to be interested. Cast them in a twisty time-travel thriller laden with moral complications, and we’re lining up at the multiplex. But, add Johnson’s name to the mix, and we’re clawing our eyes out waiting for the opportunity to see the new film, which just unveiled a new international poster featuring its male leads. We have it below:

The image comes to us courtesy of Yahoo UK, which also includes a recent Looper trailer, with most of the footage you’ve already seen (if you have been paying close attention to Sony’s marketing campaign).

Looper is one of the many films we’ve penciled in to our schedule for September’s Toronto International Film Festival, where the movie will make its world premiere and serve as the festival’s opening night film. That’s a huge honor for Johnson, who previously made splashes at TIFF with his brilliant film-noir homage Brick and the goofy but intelligent caper film The Brothers Bloom. We were dutifully impressed with the Looper footage Johnson and his crew brought to Comic-Con in July. Now we’re counting down the days until we’re able to see the finished film. For more from Looper, click here.

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