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Looper may not be the biggest or flashiest film coming out in the next few months, but it might be the most interesting, with a twisty time-travel premise and the so-crazy-it-has-to-work idea of having Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a younger version of Bruce Willis. The film's tagline-- "Hunted by your future. Haunted by your past"-- is an excellent summary of the film's premise, in which Gordon-Levitt is assigned to assassinate a mark who is sent from the future… only to discover that the mark is his older self.

Now a new poster, unveiled through a viral campaign, has put an even finer point on that premise, with Bruce Willis blowing a hole through Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Take a look below.

And if that's not enough for you, Wired has also debuted a featurette and interview with Nathan Johnson, composer of the film's score who also happens to be director Rian Johnson's cousin. If you've seen their previous collaborations Brick and The Brothers Bloom you know Johnson is a skilled composer, and this featurette gives you a great look into how closely the Johnsons collaborate. It also seems that the Looper score is going to be like nothing they've put together before, which of course, is always exciting. How can you not be intrigued when the main instruments in a film's score were bought at a hardware store?

Check out that featurette below, and if you're looking forward to Looper, you don't have long to wait! It finally comes to theaters September 28, and will be at the Toronto Film Festival in just a few short weeks. Click here for much more about the film.

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