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We all know that sequels don't often turn out as good as the original, especially when the original is a lightning-in-a-bottle hit like 2009's Taken, which pulled off the unlikely feat of making Liam Neeson an action hero. Neeson has proven he's a badass worth following since then in films like The Grey, but we'll have to see if his return as Bryan Mills can live up to the legacy when Taken 2 comes to theaters in October. So far, everything we've seen is promising, including the new Internet-only trailer that debuted today. Check it out, along with a typically intense intro from Neeson himself:

I'm enjoying the clear level of self-awareness here, with Neeson reprising his original "I will find you, and I will kill you" threat both in the intro and in the movie itself. I don't have a whole lot of faith in Maggie Grace's ability to be as much of a fearsome force as her Dad was in the original-- her efforts to play a believable teenager look even nuttier this time around-- but from the looks of it, Neeson will still be doing plenty of heavy lifting anyway.

The real question will probably be director Olivier Megaton, stepping in for the original film's Pierre Morel. Megaton is an experienced veteran of Luc Besson's factory of French action directors, having made Transporter 3 and last year's Colombiana, but none of his work as been as acclaimed as Morel's District B13 or the original Taken. It might be the case that all we need to enjoy the Taken sequel is Liam Neeson stomping all over Europe again, but hopefully Megaton can bring some of the flair that made the first one such a surprise hit. We'll find out for sure when Taken 2 comes to theaters October 5.

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