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Genre-bending writer-director Rian Johnson. The ever-compelling Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Bruce "Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker" Willis. If these three elements aren't enough to make you madly desire to see Looper no questions asked, then—to be frank—you make no sense at all to me.

But let's say you need more persuading. Let's say you want some insight into the plot, some justification for modifying the face of Gordon-Levitt, or an explanation of the film's admittedly less-than-evocative title. Fine. Johnson, Gordon-Levitt and his co-star Emily Blunt sat down to spell it out for you. What is a looper? Check out this featurette—courtesy of Yahoo—for the answer.

Johnson has twice proven what imaginative leaps he can bring to typically specific and frequently stern genres. First, with Brick he took noir to strange new places—well, high school—and within this unorthodox setting told a dark tale of deceit by following a moody loner who sidesteps the cliques, riles the jocks, and cuts deals with the assistant principal. It was all at once ludicrous and riveting. Then came the con men saga Brothers Bloom. Here Johnson unfolded a story of romance and brotherly devotion that was willfully whimsical yet harbored deeply dark corners. Now, Johnson leaps into the sci-fi subgenre of time travel tales and seems sure to take audiences on a ride unlike any other.

Following its exhibition at the Toronto International Film Festival, Looper currently has a rare 100% ranking from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Can it possibly live up to the hype? We'll find out when Looper hits theaters September 28th.

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