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Earlier this year I had the chance to trek down to Las Vegas for the annual CinemaCon convention and while attending the 20th Century Fox presentation I got to see some pretty amazing stuff from Life of Pi. One of those scenes involved the pain character, Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) simultaneous battling a school of flying fish as well as a stowaway tiger on his lifeboat. It was a thrilling thing to see on the big screen and in 3D, and while you can't exactly replicate that experience at home just yet, you can at the very least watch the scene I described.

Fox has released a brand new clip from Life of Pi and it is exactly as I remember it and described. Check it out below, along with a special introduction by director Ang Lee, thanks to Yahoo!

Based on the best selling book by Yann Martel, Life of Pi tells the story of a young boy who is traveling with his family and their collection of zoo animals to open a park in Canada. Tragedy strikes, however, when a massive storm causes the boat Pi is on to capsize. Managing to survive the ordeal, he is left stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. You can read an early review of the movie written by our own Katey Rich right HERE and to learn more about the it prior to its November 21st release head over to our Blend Film Database.

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