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One of the numerous things Summit's Warm Bodies has going for it is its supporting cast, among which are John Malkovich and Analeigh Tipton. The former's lengthy list of credits speaks for itself, while the latter is a bit less known but has also demonstrated her acting and comedic talents in past work - particularly in the role of the lovesick Jessica in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Both actors are featured in the latest clips for Warm Bodies.

Malkovich plays General Grigio in the Jonathan Levine-directed adaptation of Isaac Marion's zombie novel. In the book, Grigio's a hardened military man with survival on his top list of priorities. His world is pretty cut and dry, with living humans on the right side and zombies firmly on the wrong. It's a rational approach to getting by in a post-apocalyptic world where the dead eat the living. But as we've seen from past trailers for the film, something's changing and Grigio's daughter Julie (Teresa Palmer) is involved in it.

The clip below shows Julie trying to convince Grigio that her new zombie friend R (Nicholas Hoult) is different. Grigio's not buying it.

Julie's father may not be willing to accept that there are vegan zombies shuffling about, but R's differences don't seem to have escaped the notice of Julie's friend Nora, played by Tipton. In this clip, Nora's grilling R for information.

He appears to be a bit overwhelmed by her line of questioning, but he doesn't smell rotten, so he has that going for him. I'm not sure I would have pictured Tipton in the role of Nora, but seeing her in this scene, which we glimpsed in the film's original trailer, I'm already pretty sure I love her in the role. She seems like just the right amount of funny for the part, especially in serving as Julie's friend and backup, much in the way R has M (Rob Corddry). It's that balance between comedy, horror and drama that I liked in the book and - as the clips and trailers indicate, is transferring nicely to the movie.

Warm Bodies arrives in theaters February 1. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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