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The body-snatching aliens in Stephenie Meyer's The Host are supposed to be a peaceful sort. In fact, the post-inhabited version of the world, where most of the human bodies have been occupied by alien "souls" is described as a peaceful and beautiful society. But Diane Kruger's character The Seeker, whose role it is to track down what's left of the human resistance, is uncharacteristically aggressive. In fact, in the new video that focuses on The Seeker, Meyer describes Kruger as "pleasantly terrifying." That sounds about right.

Kruger is just one of the characters in this film, which stars Saoirse Ronan as Melanie, a recently captured human who's inhabited by a soul called Wanderer. When Melanie refuses to abandon her mind, Wanderer is forced to deal with the mental resistance, which she tries to conceal from the Seeker. The featurette below shows us just how determined the Seeker is to sort out all possible resistance, including Melanie.

Kruger does seem like a good fit for the part, coming off as poised and professional looking but also aggressive and intimidating. We see that poise beginning to crumble later on in the video when things aren't working out so well, and there's also a great moment of tension between the Seeker and Wanderer.

Glimpses of the chase side of the story, which veer away from the love-triangle give me hope that Andrew Niccol is going to do the source material justice with this film and find the right balance in the adaptation. There are moments that look suspenseful and more than a few that play up the action in the story. We also see more than a few glimpses of the sci-fi element, with the glowing eyes and futuristic cars and scenery. For those of us who enjoyed the book, there's a lot to look forward to with this film. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out when it arrives in theaters March 29. More information, photos and video can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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