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As the years pass it gets harder and harder to get a beat on John Cusack. While he has certainly played his part in some modern classics, from Say Anything... to The Grifters, Grosse Pointe Blank to High Fidelity, but the last few years of his career have been marked by distinctly not classic - or even good - films like The Raven, 2012, and War Inc. With each new title the gamble seems to get riskier and riskier, but you hold on hope that Cusack's next will turn it all around. Perhaps The Numbers Station could be the film to change the tide.

The new thriller, which is the first American effort from Danish filmmaker Kasper Barfoed and co-stars Watchmen's Malin Akerman, has launched its first trailer online in advance of its approaching April release date. Check out the preview below, courtesy of Yahoo!

Based on a script by first time writer F. Scott Frazier, The Numbers Station stars Cuscak as Emerson, a skilled-yet-disgraced black-ops agent who is put on simple bodyguard duty for a woman named Katherine (Akerman) working at a secret CIA broadcast base known as a Numbers Station - a location where top secret codes are issued to agents to take out wet work tasks. When the secret establishment is infiltrated, Emerson is able to protect his charge, but suddenly finds himself in a race against time trying to stop a series of assassinations that could end up changing the entire world. Image Entertainment has picked up the movie for release and will have it in theaters on April 26th.

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