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Following the new trailer for The Host comes a featurette for the feature adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's alien invasion novel, which focuses on the choice to love and the state of humanity in a world that's been taken over by body-snatching alien "Souls."

If you've seen the previously released trailers for The Host, some of what's featured is going to seem familiar, but the featurette below mixes up the released footage and adds in some scenes, as well as comments from writer Stephenie Meyer and stars Saoirse Ronan (Melanie/Wander) and Max Irons, who plays Melanie's boyfriend Jared.

The above video begins similarly to the original theatrical trailer, with Jared catching Melanie foraging for food in a fridge. The above video shows us a bit more of that scene, including Melanie and Jared's first kiss and the sweet, more formal introduction that follows. With the featurette's focus on choosing to love, it's a good way to introduce one of the relationships featured in the story, and we see a bit more of that throughout the video, including a scene featuring the two of them dancing.

Love is a big theme of the story, and though the trailers and posters for Andrew Niccol's adaptation of the novel have focused more on the love triangle/love square between Melanie, Jared, Wanderer and Ian (Jake Abel), there are other relationships explored in the story, including Melanie's affection for her little brother, and her relationship with her Uncle Jeb (William Hurt). It should also be interesting to see how Melanie and Wanderer's relationship develops and how that'll be presented to us through Ronan's portrayal of both characters.

We spoke to Stephenie Meyer on a conference call yesterday. You can read about what she had to say on the film and the sequel that's in the works here. The Host arrives in theaters March 29. More information, photos and video (including the latest trailer) can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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