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It’s hard to believe that Vin Diesel’s two signature franchises appear to be driving in different, wholly unexpected directions. Where as the Earth-bound Fast and Furious series continues to reach for the stars with gravity-defying stunts and impossible car-chase sequences, everything that we are seeing about the celestial Riddick sequel has been toned-down, barebones, gritty and basic. Bad guys. Good guys. Fights. Molten lava. Scene.

A trailer for the planned Riddick might flip our perspective on the sequel, sending expectations into the stratosphere. But for now, relying on the images Diesel chooses to show on his Facebook page, we’re anticipating a by-the-numbers Pitch Black sequel. Maybe the Fast clips just work too well? Anyway, here’s the latest Riddick photo, which Diesel explains has our anti-hero fighting “Mercs.”

We have seen a number of Riddick photos as director David Twohy continues to tinker on his sequel, from Diesel in character on a throne to the warrior getting contemplative in the rain as he perches on a futuristic motorcycle. The actor makes great use of social media, though it’s about time we saw a trailer for the movie that’s due in theaters in September.

Here’s what we know about Riddick so far. It follows the character as he’s left for dead on a barren planet. When he activates a tracking device, two groups of mercenaries arrive to claim him as their “prize,” pitting Riddick against two small armies as a massive intergalactic storm threatens to wash everyone away. The movie opens on Sept. 6. How many more images will Diesel share before then? Your guess is as good as ours.

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