"Is this the park with the flowers?"

It sounds like an innocent question from a child on a car ride, hoping to return to his favorite spot. But in the context of The End of Love, the quietly moving film from director and star Mark Webber, it's a heartbreaker. The boy (Isaac Love, Webber's real-life son) has lost his mother before the film begins, and in this scene he's driving with his dad to visit the mother's grave-- though the child, of course, is a little too young to know that. Check out the scene in this exclusive clip from The End of Love below.

That natural dynamic between father and son suffuses the entirety of The End of Love, in which Webber plays a version of himself-- an actor struggling to get by in Los Angeles, and trying to raise his son in the process. You might recognize Webber from roles in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World or Save the Date, and while he's a bit more successful in real-life than he is in the film, you can tell he's intimately familiar with what it's like to try and pursue your acting career while having another person relying solely on you to survive.

The End of Love premiered at Sundance last year to theaters full of quietly weeping audiences, and it's now available both on-demand and in theaters across the country. Below you can watch the official trailer, and below that the official synopsis.

When the mother of his two-year-old son Isaac suddenly passes away, struggling actor Mark (played by writer/director Mark Webber) is forced to grapple with his ability to grow up. As he kindles a relationship with a young single mother (Shannyn Sossamon), he begins to realize that he can no longer remain in denial about the real-life consequences his choices have on Isaac (Isaac Love, Webber’s real-life son). Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, The End of Love is an intimate and stunningly honest portrait of a young father in transition between the life he’s been working for and the one that’s waiting for him.

THE END OF LOVE, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival 2012, stars Webber alongside Shannyn Sossamon and Webber’s real-life son Isaac Love, and features appearances by Michael Cera, Jason Ritter, Amanda Seyfried, Aubrey Plaza, and Jocelin Donahue.

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