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The Hangover was a huge surprise success that made overnight stars of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis. The Hangover Part II was a bloated and mean-spirited cash grab of a sequel that squandered so much of the goodwill from the first film (despite making a fortune). Can the third one-- long-billed as "the conclusion" of the series-- end things on a high note? Decide for yourself by checking out the film's first trailer, which dropped online today.

A lot of what we've suspected about the plot is confirmed here, from the funeral for Jeffrey Tambor's character at the beginning (well, I guess they weren't doing much with him in the series anyway) to their return to Vegas. Stu even follows through on the hint in yesterday's teaser poster, saying that someone "needs to burn this place to the ground." You get a glimpse of appearances by Melissa McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Heather Graham, plus some thugs in pig masks who are beyond explanation for now. There's really not a whole lot of plot here at all-- we don't even know what brings them back to Vegas or why "it all ends tonight"-- but since it's a teaser trailer, that's par for the course.

Something in me can't help but be excited about this, those good memories from laughing hysterically at The Hangover overcoming the horrifying dullness of the sequel. Anyone else having their faith restored? Or will you be avoiding theaters at all costs when the comedy drops on May 24?

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