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Scot Armstrong, the screenwriter who has had a hand in such zany comedies as Road Trip, Semi-Pro and The Hangover Part II, is set to make his directorial debut on Universal Pictures' Search Party. This could prove a breakout for Armstrong, since he not only is working from a 2010 Black List script penned by Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller, but also has gathered a promising ensemble cast stacked with comedy cutups and talented television stars.

The Wrap reports Alison Brie from Mad Men and Community fame is the latest to sign on to Search Party, joining a cast that includes College Humor Originals' Thomas Middleditch, Cloverfield's T.J. Miller, Happy Endings' Adam Pally, and Raising Hope's Shannon Woodward.

Miller and Pally star as two roommates forced to go on a hilarious road trip/rescue mission when their friend Nardo (Middleditch) finds himself stranded and nude in Mexico. Like you do. Woodward will portray Nardo's likewise stranded lady friend, while Brie will play a co-worker/love interest to one of the other male leads.

While Armstrong's filmography has given us little hope this comedy will be a standout, the first-time director has assembled a pretty stellar cast. Personally, I'm always pleased when someone from Happy Endings gets a movie role. And notably Miller and Pally have already proved their chemistry, playing screw-up foils in the hilarious Happy Endings' ep "The Shershow Redemption." While I wish the roles of such talented comediennes as Woodward and Brie could be described as more than "love interest roles" (following Five-Year Engagement Brie especially should be getting leads by now) it's still great to have them aboard this road trip comedy.

Search Party is now shooting in Baton Rouge.

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