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One of the clear-cut perks of writing for a movie-news website is that you occasionally get emails from studio press reps asking you to “Watch Bad Grandpa Get His Penis Stuck In A Vending Machine” … and it counts as work.

The request came from Paramount, and the clip (shared by Break) helps promote the latest in a long line of Jackass movies – though one with a gimmick. How does it work? Johnny Knoxville endures hours of makeup application to disguise himself as the character “Bad Grandpa.” Then, with a pint-sized cohort in tow, he infiltrates innocent neighborhoods and creates chaos. It’s the 2013 version of Candid Camera, only with dick and fart jokes. See for yourself. Here’s a classic Candid Camera clip, and picture Knoxville as the “rookie” dental assistant.

The early word on Bad Grandpa is that it’s actually hysterical. Paramount has been screening it in select markets, capturing those spy-footage reactions that are usually used for Paranormal Activity screenings to get clips of audiences roaring with laughter. The studio also have been sharing clips of Knoxville in full makeup recording PSAs for theater audiences:

Whatever they are doing, it’s working. Knoxville confirmed to ScreenCrush that, similar to the Jackass movies, a Bad Grandpa 1.5 will be released when the first movie hits DVD. Knoxville’s a machine, printing money off his own humiliation (and our embarrassment). Good for him? The green-band trailer for Bad Grandpa is below. The movie opens this Friday, October 25th. Do you have any interest?