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Since its release back in 1985, the story of Ender’s Game has had a massive impact on the world of science-fiction. Released to critical acclaim, Orson Scott Card’s novel has earned multiple prizes – including the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novel when it was first published – and many esteemed organizations like the American Library Association have ranked it as one of the best books for young readers. Now, after many years of development, that story is finally arriving on the big screen.

Written and directed by Gavin Hood, the story begins years after our world experienced an tragic alien invasion that resulted in many lost lives and the need to find a way to protect Earth from potential threats. It’s this fear that leads to the creation of Battle School, a space station where the best and the brightest young people on the planet are trained from an early age to prepare for inevitable war. When the young Andrew "Ender" Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) arrives, however, Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford) – the head of the Battle School – not only sees him as someone with unbelievable potential, but as someone who could be the savior of mankind. Along with his friend Petra (Hailee Steinfeld), Ender trains to become the best warrior he can be.

At a recent press event for Ender’s Game held in Beverly Hills, California I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the film’s three main stars, and with the movie in theaters this weekend now is the perfect time to share the experience. Watch the videos below to find out how Harrison Ford feels about the progression of the science fiction genre (a genre he is more than familiar with); listen to Asa Butterfield discuss getting into the mind of Ender; and discover what Hailee Steinfeld thinks it is about the film’s hero that made Petra connect with him almost instantaneously.

Harrison Ford

Asa Butterfield

Hailee Steinfeld

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