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This week we're processing both the weekend performance of Thor: The Dark World and Marvel Studio's giant deal with Netflix to talk about the future of Marvel comics, and how in the coming years pretty much everything Disney makes will all be linked together. We also dig into the new J.J. Abrams production that just so happens to be a book, wonder why the Hunger Games marketing tie-ins seem to completely miss the point of the book, answer a listener voicemail about the future of movie fandom after video stores are gone, and pick the 1999 movies for which we want to see a completely unexpected sequel.

Click here to see a box of Hunger Games chocolates identical to the ones Katey received. They are, we must confirm, delicious.

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00:00-00:56 Lightning Round

1:39 - 12:23 Dave's tidbit: The J.J. Abrams- masterminded book S

12:42 -23:26 Katey's tidbit: Why is Hunger Games marketing so insane?

23:41 - 32:20 Mini-segment: One last thing about Cheers

32:44 - 48:54 Segment 3: My Cousin Vinny and what makes a great Hollywood comedy

49:31 - 52:15 Goodbye!

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"Don't Leave Me" by Blink-182
"F, U" by Miley Cyrus

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