The Golden Globes announced their winners on Sunday, revealing the biases and beliefs of the ninety-something member Hollywood Foreign Press Association. As much as they get mocked for their ability to be bought and paid for, the Globes often look like a solid predictor for how the Oscars will fare. The Oscar ballots were due last week before the Globe results were announced, but it seems certain that the GG nominations heavily influenced the Oscar nods, which will be announced this Thursday.

With the results, one can get a glimpse at an early draft of where the Oscars might lean. The Globes complicate matters by dividing categories into comedies and dramas, but the films this year cross enough genres (and the Oscars’ Best Picture category acknowledge enough movies) to make it look like one big pool of potential honorees. Here are five things that we’re certain the Oscars have confirmed.

1. Her Is Still A Major Player
The one film that keeps missing out on the major prizes at these awards is Her, yet it keeps popping up in the nominations, and has secured a number of Best Screenplay wins. Sunday’s victory for Best Screenplay only cemented the fact that this film has a ton of supporters who respect its craft, suggesting that it’s the one film bound to inspire passion in its supporters. Some acting support would certainly help – Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams may not receive deserved nods this Thursday – but even without it, Spike Jonze’s script is likely strong enough on its own to get the film into the Best Picture scramble.

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