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When is it too early to start getting excited about a movie? Well, considering I’m the type of person who is already amped up for Christmas 2014 (SANTA!), my answer has always been and will always be the second there’s a release date (which in the case of Pitch Perfect 2, is May 15, 2015). Sure, such targets can and often do get changed, but a release date at least shows executives have put together a mental timeline and are serious enough to work the project into their long-term plans. Consequently, if you play as fast and loose with excitement as I do, feel free to throw up your middle finger at Kimmy Jin and dance around like a Treblemaker because Pitch Perfect 2 is now on the calendar.

The Aca-mazing news was officially announced today by Universal. The Elizabeth Banks-helmed sequel will belt its way into theaters on May 15th, opposite Mad Max: Fury Road. Now that, Barden Bellas, is what we call counter-programming. There might be one percent of the population that is highly interested in both of those films, but in general, the other ninety-nine percent are going to have no problem figuring out which side of the fence they should stand on.

As for the details on round two of Pitch Perfect, we actually don’t know a ton of them yet. Banks, who produced and played a supporting role in the first film, will direct, and early reports indicate both Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have been contacted and are tentatively on board to return. Original screenwriter Kay Cannon has also been officially hired to write the second installment. Since it’s not finished, however, we have no idea what the plot might be or even what supporting characters might return. Believe it or not, a legitimate case could be made that it might be better for the franchise’s health if a few brilliant characters are left on the cutting room floor.

The best sequels feel familiar, but they don’t retread over the exact same steps the original film took. The goal for Pitch Perfect 2 should be great music, big laughs and goofy personalities. It may be better, however, if the film doesn’t go heavy on the romance since that was done. Then again, maybe it will be better if the film doesn’t do a men’s vs women’s a capella competition. Hell, it may be better if the team combines forces with the Treblemakers to fight some horrifying new threat to the music community that makes Bumper look like a level one video game villain.

We’ll keep you updated. Until then, remind yourself of how great the first film was by listening to Kendrick dominate Cups…

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