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Will Ferrell’s career has been going to...interesting places recently. While having several hits to his name, he also has his share of duds. Amy Poehler, on the other hand, is on a hot streak of late the likes of which have rarely been seen. Putting these two together makes so much sense it’s kind of a shock it’s never happened before. It does appear to be happening now in a new comedy, called The House.

The script is written by Andrew J. Cohen and Brenden O’Brein, the same writing team who brought us the surprise hit Neighbors with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron last summer. The film will tell the story of a couple who loses their daughter’s college fund, and opens a casino in their basement to try and get the money back. Farrell is already on board to play dear old dad and now The Hollywood Reporter says that Poehler is in talks to play the other half of the couple.

There’s no word on how the couple loses their daughter’s college fund (we’re going to go out on a limb and say gambling) or who will be playing that role, but since the film is looking to begin production in August we’ll likely hear that answer soon. It looks like a large part of the film’s conflict will be Poehler’s character not wanting to lose her daughter as she gets ready to go to college.

From finishing up Parks and Recreation to hosting The Golden Globe telecast with Tina Fey, to her upcoming voice work in Pixar’s Inside Out, which from all indications will be great, it seems like everything Amy Poehler touches turns to gold. She should have good material to work with if Neighbors was any indication. That film did remarkably well considering its R rating at the beginning of the summer season that usually insists on PG-13s. While we don’t know what the rating expectation is for The House don’t be shocked to see another R.

Ferrell on the other hand is taking a more circuitous route to this film. His last theatrical release, Get Hard was financially successful, though it had some other issues and his next screen work will be a Lifetime Original Movie, Deadly Adoption which we’re still not sure what to think of. It could turn out to be the greatest thing the world has ever known, or...you know...not.

We’re holding out hope for a hilarious piece from two comedians who could truly tear down The House if they both bring their A game.

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