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Mission: Impossible 6 - What We Know So Far

Mission: Impossible 6 is going to hit theaters in summer 2018. Here's everything that we know about the highly anticipated sequel!

Hulu's The Looming Tower Trailer Is Powerful And Sobering

Everything about this trailer is heavy.

Alec Baldwin Reportedly Had Another Meltdown In New York City

Alec Baldwin might need to keep trying if he wants to leave his hothead image in the past.

When Alec Baldwin Will Return To Saturday Night Live As Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression may never stop.

Alec Baldwin Is Going From SNL To More Live TV

Alec Baldwin has been a frequent flyer on live television thanks to Saturday Night Live. Soon, however, he'll be appearing live in an entirely different TV project.

Will Alec Baldwin Play Trump On SNL This Fall? Here’s What He Said

SNL has continually poked fun at President Trump and his administration last season. So will Alec Baldwin be back with his acclaimed impression next year?

Saturday Night Live Apparently Tried To Get Donald Trump Back On The Show This Season

In a bit of news that seems to contradict all we know about both President Donald Trump and Saturday Night Live's feud, the President was actually invited to be on the show this season. Here's what we know.

Why Alec Baldwin Originally Said No To Playing SNL's Donald Trump

As good as Alec Baldwin's SNL stint has been as Donald Trump, it came quite close to never happening at all.

How Donald Trump Could Stop SNL From Making Fun Of Him, According To Alec Baldwin

Donald Trump has been open about his distaste for Alec Baldwin's impression on SNL, and Baldwin says there's a way that SNL could stop making fun of him.

What Oliver Stone Taught Alec Baldwin About Making Movies

Alec Baldwin has spilled the beans on what working under director Oliver Stone was like while shooting Talk Radio.

Movie News
Alec Baldwin Is Now Freaking Out At Publishers

When tell-all memoirs get released it's fairly normal for them to ruffle some feathers. Alec Baldwin's new book is no different. But now, the actor is taking issue with the publishers of the book itself.

Movie News
Alec Baldwin Is Feuding With Hollywood Producers Over An Underage Costar

Alec Baldwin has a new book out, and like most celebrities who publish books, his title Nevertheless is filled with juicy stories and opinions from the SNL actor. One of which has now caused a feud.

Movie News
Why Alec Baldwin Doesn't Like Harrison Ford

Alec Baldwin has provided new information about why he's disliked Harrison Ford for so long.

Movie News
How Alec Baldwin Feels About That Infamous Voicemail To His Daughter

It has been ten years since the media caught wind of Alec Baldwin's aggressive voicemail to his daughter, Ireland. Now the actor is opening up about that incident and the state of that father-daughter relationship.

One Clear Advantage Animation Has Over Live-Action, According To Alec Baldwin

We all live in a very special cinematic age. It used to be that reality was its own kind of barrier in the expression of a filmmaker's imagination, but the development of visual effects has made it so that any story can be brought to life with full impact.

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How Alec Baldwin Really Feels About Boss Baby Trying A Glengarry Glen Ross Joke

Alec Baldwin's career is filled with a number of notable and memorable characters, but few stand out quite like his part of Glengarry Glen Ross.

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How Much Longer Alec Baldwin Plans To Play Donald Trump On SNL

It's safe to say that SNL has seen an increase in the ratings this season, and much of this has been attributed to the series taking on a more political bent. But how long will that last?

How Alec Baldwin Figured Out His Donald Trump Impression

By now Alec Baldwin's Saturday Night Live impression of Donald Trump is almost as well-known as the President himself. Of course, Alec Baldwin didn't know how popular his Donald Trump impression ultimately would become.

A Newspaper Accidentally Used A Picture Of Alec Baldwin's Trump Instead Of The Real Trump

In a really funny inadvertent gaffe over the weekend, the Dominican Republic newspaper El Nacional accidentally published a photo of Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump on _Saturday Night Live. _

How Could SNL's Donald Trump Impression Be Even Better? Billy Baldwin Has The Answer

Saturday Night Live's Donald Trump found an equally hilarious equal in Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer. Now, Billy Baldwin has his own idea for a new addition.

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