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The Church Of Scientology Is Allegedly Making Its Own Documentary About Going Clear's Director

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief provided chilling insight surrounding the inner workings of the high profile religion. Scientology itself has widely disputed the claims made by the film, and has reportedly begun production on its own documentary.

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Scientology Film Going Clear Just Ran Into A Huge Problem In Florida

Alex Gibney's Scientology documentary Going Clear caused quite a ruckus when it was released earlier this year, and it is causing a stir again as one theater has canceled plans to screen the film due to pressure from the Church.

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Going Clear Review: HBO's Scientology Shocks, Startles And Enthralls

After watching this film, it’s no wonder the Church is taking such drastic steps in trying to silence these critics. By the time you finish watching Going Clear, you'll be left "clear" and hungry for justice.

Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief Gets Its First Angry Trailer

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is one the most controversial documentaries of recent memory. The first trailer for the doc has hit the web, and it’s already taking some blows at the Church.

The Church Of Scientology Is Furious About This New Movie

Nobody said a film festival like Sundance would be a walk in the park. While Jupiter Ascending debuted as a "surprise screening" to negative sneers, a documentary by Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney is causing a louder controversy.

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How HBO Is Shielding Itself From Scientology Lawsuits

HBO is becoming a key channel for original programming, which includes hit shows like Game of Thrones and Girls, but also original documentaries. The subscription cable channel recently signed on for a Scientology documentary following the rise of L. Ron Hubbard’s belief system and its popularity in Hollywood. It’s based on the controversial book written by Lawrence Wright called Going Clear.

Alex Gibney Explores The World Of Julian Assange In First Trailer For We Steal Secrets

We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, which takes an in-depth look at how the Australian journalist shocked the world by giving the public access to some of the government's top secret files.

Magic Trip Trailer Takes You On A Journey With The Merry Pranksters

Apple has released the trailer for the new film, which features not only interviews from the surviving members, but archive footage from the legendary trip. I'll be curious to see if the film manages to get attention from people other than those who are interested in the subject matter.

TIFF Review: Alex Gibney Finds Even Dirtier Political Scandal In Client 9

Gibney clearly likes Spitzer, who is as smart and well-spoken as the filmmaker himself, and while you can argue that Client 9 may go a little easy on its subject, it's also a fascinating look at the hypocrisies of political

First Trailer For Freakonomics Is Here To Teach You About Everything

Documentary filmmaking is not an easy job. Those that are successful at it know the importance of choosing a subject that is both engaging and entertaining, a subject that an audience won't mind sitting

Poster For The Freakonomics Documentary Is An Exact Copy Of The Book Cover

In today's movie world, there's really no art left in the making of movie posters. Most marketing departments simply choose to throw some

Exclusive Interview: Casino Jack Director Alex Gibney

It should probably go without saying that my interview with Alex Gibney was not at all ordinary. After catching his new film Casino Jack and the United States of Money, which is in limited release this weekend

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Eliot Spitzer Compares Himself To Icarus In Clip From New Documentary

One of the most anticipated films showing at this year's Tribeca Film Festival is one that doesn't even have a name yet-- Alex Gibney's untitled documentary about Eliot Spitzer

Exclusive Sundance Interview: Alex Gibney

Casino Jack comes out in theaters later this year, so I'll run our full 20-minute conversation then; in the meantime watch a 5-minute excerpt in which Gibney explains why Abramoff is still relevant and his role as a different kind of criminal

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