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Frank Darabont Is Going After AMC With Another Giant Walking Dead Lawsuit

The legal drama thickens between Frank Darabont and AMC.

Why It Was So Hard To Kill Off Breaking Bad's Gus Fring, According To Vince Gilligan

Gus Fring's demise is one of Breaking Bad's most iconic sequences, and Vince Gilligan explained why taking Gus down was so tricky for the writing team.

Why The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Wasn't Happy About Carl’s Big Shocker

While plenty of fans were upset about Carl's fate from the midseason finale, it turns out that Norman Reedus was too.

Sounds Like The Walking Dead Is About To Stray Even Further From The Comics

How far off the written path will The Walking Dead go in the future? Andrew Lincoln shares some interesting thoughts.

Is The Walking Dead's Big Season 9 Showrunner Change A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

The Walking Dead will have a new big boss when Season 9 gets underway, and we're wondering if the change was a good move or not.

New Walking Dead Image Shows The Aftermath Of That Cliffhanger

An image from The Walking Dead's return is up online with what happens after that cliffhanger.

The Walking Dead Has Been Renewed For Season 9, With A New Showrunner

AMC is unsurprisingly renewing The Walking Dead, but there is a twist.

When Norman Reedus Wants To Leave The Walking Dead, According To The Actor

Between TWD and its spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, it looks like the zombie apocalypse could last indefinitely, so how long do the remaining members of the original cast feel like sticking around?

Robert Kirkman Defends The Walking Dead’s Latest Shocking Death

The twist was met with massive fan backlash, and now TWD head honcho Robert Kirkman himself has weighed in on the controversy.

See The First Image Of Morgan Crossing Over To Fear The Walking Dead

While it's still unclear how he'll get there, we've just gotten the first image of Morgan Jones on Fear The Walking Dead.

How Morgan's Arrival Will Affect Fear The Walking Dead Season 4

Here's what to expect when Morgan arrives on Fear the Walking Dead.

How Rick Will Handle Things When The Walking Dead Season 8 Returns

Rick Grimes is going through a major heartbreak on The Walking Dead, so how will he continue on when the show returns?

How One AMC Theater Is Cracking Down On Teens At The Movies
Movie News
Why The Walking Dead’s Declining Ratings Don’t Matter, According To One Producer

Fans have dropped off from The Walking Dead over the past two years, but camp TWD doesn't seem too worried about the ratings.

How The Walking Dead Handles Its Top Secret Scripts

The Walking Dead is desperately trying to avoid spoilers, and that includes a hardcore way to keep the scripts secret.

Chandler Riggs' Mother Wrote A Sweet Letter Thanking Walking Dead Fans

Chandler Riggs' mother Gina recently posted a touching tribute to the fans who watched her son on TV for the past eight years.

The Awesome Way AMC Is Celebrating Breaking Bad's 10th Anniversary

AMC is doing something special for one of its most celebrated shows.

The Morbid Gift The Walking Dead's Hershel Took From The Show

Scott Wilson played Hershel Greene for years on The Walking Dead, and took home a pretty gruesome souvenir.

Policeman Allegedly Masterminded A Drug Ring After Binging Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad's Walter White may be a fictional character, but it sounds like a cop in Massachusetts perfected the Heisenberg formula and started a drug ring of his own.

These Touching Walking Dead Videos Will Give Carl Fans All The Feels

Prepare the tissues because these videos will make any fan of The Walking Dead tear up.

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