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Why Lost Will Always Have Fans Asking For More, According To One Star

Revival talks won't stop, and one Lost star has an idea why.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Is Adding A Major Comic Element That Implies A Time Jump
How Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Is Making Its Zombies More Interesting

Fear the Walking Dead is doing something a little different with its ever-present walker threat. Here's what Maggie Grace told CinemaBlend.

Is The Walking Dead's Dwight Gone For Good? Here's What Scott Gimple Says

Dwight's fate was left up in the air, so could he return to The Walking Dead?

Did The Walking Dead's Giant Finale Herd Mean More Than We Think?

As always, The Walking Dead may have been hiding big reveals in plain sight.

What The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Thinks About Warring With Maggie In Season 9

Andrew Lincoln has weighed in on a major Maggie plot for next season.

Why Eugene's Big Walking Dead Finale Twist Happened, According To Scott Gimple

Eugene got another memorable moment in The Walking Dead's Season 8 finale, and here's why it went down like that.

What The Walking Dead Timeline Looks Like For The Crossover, According To Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead's timeline got shifted a bit when Morgan made the jump to Fear the Walking Dead Season 4.

How The Walking Dead's Finale Changed Maggie's Story From The Comics

The Walking Dead's finale changed the game for Maggie, and we can't wait for Season 9.

Who Is Fear The Walking Dead's Althea? Here's What Star Maggie Grace Told Us

Here's what we learned from one of Fear the Walking Dead's newest stars.

The Walking Dead's Morgan Wasn't The Only Crossover Character On Fear The Walking Dead's Premiere
The Walking Dead Finally Revealed Dwight's Fate And It's Not What We Expected

The Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead finally revealed Dwight's fate and we did not see it coming.

How The Walking Dead's Finale Ended Rick And Negan's All Out War

The Walking Dead capped off its season-long All Out War arc in some big and surprising ways. Check out what happened!

Watch The First Three Minutes Of Fear The Walking Dead's Season 4 Premiere Right Now

Check out the opening minutes of Fear The Walking Dead's Season 4 premiere right here.

Two Walking Dead Characters Who Will Have Bigger Roles In The Finale

It looks like two supporting characters are going to have significant arcs in the highly anticipated finale.

When The Big 2017-2018 TV Season Finales Are Airing

Summer hiatus is never fun, but it's almost here, and we know that every TV lover worth the batteries in their remote control needs to keep track of when all the major shows will be shuffling off the air for a bit. We have for you now the season finale dates and times of every show on network TV, as well as those for all the big, buzzed about series on streaming and cable TV!

3 Big Ways Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Is More Fun Than The Walking Dead

When Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 gets here, fans are going to be surprised by how much fun it is.

Joe Hill's NOS4A2 TV Show Is Finally Happening For Real

The supernatural horror series is finally coming to television.

All The Big Walking Dead Questions We Have Ahead Of The Season 8 Finale

With The Walking Dead's Season 8 finale around the corner, we've got a ton of questions that need answers.

Why The Walking Dead's Finale Is More Important Than A Normal Season Finale

The war will end with this Sunday's upcoming finale, and it now appears that the stakes for the episode are even higher than we anticipated.

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