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Andrew Lincoln Explains How Rough Things Are When The Walking Dead Season 9 Starts

Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes won't be leaving a happily-ever-after world when Season 9 gets here.

Fear The Walking Dead And Better Call Saul Renewed By AMC

AMC renewed a handful of its primetime programs.

The Walking Dead Shares Heartbreaking Photo Of Andrew Lincoln's Goodbye

Andrew Lincoln's impending exit from The Walking Dead just got more real thanks to a heartbreaking photo from the set.

Andrew Lincoln And Norman Reedus Had A Pact To Leave The Walking Dead Together

Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead, but the original plan wasn't for him to leave alone.

Chris Hardwick Is Returning To AMC's Talking Dead And More

After an investigation from AMC, Chris Hardwick is back in action.

Could Fear The Walking Dead Bring In More Crossovers?

Fear the Walking Dead overseer Scott Gimple talked about future franchise mash-ups.

Norman Reedus' Earnest Take On Daryl And Carol's Walking Dead Relationship

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus shared his thoughts on Daryl and Carol.

Andrew Lincoln Revealed When Rick's Exit First Came Up Behind The Scenes

The Walking Dead changes forever in Season 9, and discussions about Rick's exit started longer ago than you might think.

Does Rick Have To Die On The Walking Dead? Andrew Lincoln Has Thoughts

Andrew Lincoln's Walking Dead exit is coming soon, but how is it going to go down?

The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Addresses Negan's Changes For Season 9
The Walking Dead Revealed Who's Playing The Whisperers' Leader Alpha

We now know who will bring the deadly Alpha to life as leader of the Whisperers.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer Reveals The Whisperers And Big Trouble For Rick

The Walking Dead has some crazy twists in store for Season 9. Check out the trailer!

Fear The Walking Dead's Midseason Trailer's Is Intense And Suprisingly Upbeat

We finally have our first look at what's coming up in Fear the Walking Dead midseason!

Could Better Call Saul Bring Dean Norris' Hank Schrader Into Season 4?

We cannot wait to see everything Better Call Saul has to offer, especially if it includes the most strong-jawed DEA agent in New Mexico.

Better Call Saul Season 4 Trailer Is Moody And Ominous

With Better Call Saul Season 4 arriving next month, the first trailer for the next batch of episodes is finally here!

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Used To Take A Lot Of Flack In The Writer's Room

Robert Kirkman is a comics creator, but he's also an executive producer, which means he has been a part of the creating of the show for some time, and even is a part of the writers room

Better Call Saul Season 4 Will Feature Scenes From Breaking Bad's Timeline

The walls between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are coming down in Season 4.

Better Call Saul Producers Explain How Chuck's Death Affects Jimmy In Season 4

When Better Call Saul Season 4 gets here, Jimmy is going to be in a dark place.

The Walking Dead Has Cast A Comic Character For Season 9

We can look forward to seeing new faces in The Walking Dead Season 9, and now we know exactly who one of those faces belongs to.

Could The Walking Dead's Daryl Find Love In Season 9?

Will Cupid's crossbow strike true this season for Daryl?

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