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A New Exorcist Trilogy Is Heading To Streaming, Including One Original Star
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Jason Blum Compares The New Exorcist Movie To Halloween

Jason Blum wants to do for The Exorcist what his production company did for Halloween.

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The Forever Purge: What Fans Are Saying About The Latest Purge Movie

The Forever Purge has arrived, and fans have thoughts about the Blumhouse flick.

Zac Efron’s Firestarter Has Begun Filming, And They Celebrated With Wild, Fiery Video

Cameras are rolling on the Stephen King adaptation, and we are stoked.

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New Halloween Kills Image Features One Angry Michael Myers

Michael Myers is coming back with a vengeance in Halloween Kills.

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Stephen King's Firestarter: 8 Quick Things We Know About The Zac Efron Movie

We couldn't be more excited for this new Stephen King adaptation!

Sons Of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter Is Teaming With Netflix And Blumhouse For Bloody Directorial Debut

After years of telling violent stories for television, Kurt Sutter is now set to direct his first big feature.

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Doctor Strange’s Scott Derrickson Is Re-Teaming Up With Ethan Hawke For A New Blumhouse Horror Movie, And Sign Me Up

Ethan Hawke previously starred in the filmmaker's terrifying 2012 film, Sinister.

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How Original Spawn Actor Michael Jai White Feels About The Upcoming Blumhouse Reboot

We’ve been waiting for the Image Comics character to return to the big screen for a long time.

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Freaky’s Misha Osherovich Talks About The Queer Representation In Horror

The breakout actor in Freaky spoke with CinemaBlend about bringing the unapologetic (and hilarious) character to Blumhouse.

Jason Blum Offers Update On Blumhouse’s Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie

What exactly is up with the long in development Five Nights at Freddy's movie.

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Doctor Strange's Scott Derrickson Is Teaming Back Up With Blumhouse

Scott Derrickson previously made the Sinister movies with the horror-focused studio.

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All 4 Welcome To The Blumhouse Movies, Ranked

Stream them all now on Amazon Prime!

Jason Blum Wants New Paranormal Activity Movie To Bring Back An Iconic Star
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Could Halloween Kills Be Delayed Again? Here’s The Latest From Jason Blum
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Gets Candid About Indian Representation In Her Upcoming Blumhouse Movie

The Indian phenomenon is an executive producer on Amazon Prime's Evil Eye.

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Why Joey King Wanted To Make The Lie, Despite Being Freaked Out By Horror Movies

The actress stars in one of Blumhouse's original horror films streaming on Amazon Prime.

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What Black Box’s Stars Say About Working With The Movie’s Freaky Contortionist
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The Craft: Legacy Director Explains Why Now Is The Right Time For A Sequel
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Get Out's Allison Williams Is Back To Star In Another Blumhouse Movie
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