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25 Current Favorite Candidates For The New James Bond Include Idris Elba, Female 007s And More
Thor Director Kenneth Branagh Responds To How The Franchise Has Changed Throughout The MCU
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Why It Was More Difficult For Chris Hemsworth To Get In Shape For Netflix's Extraction Than For Thor
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Chris Hemsworth Explains Why Working On Netflix's Extraction Was 'Intimidating'
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Chris Hemsworth Can Thank Quarantine For Adding An Insane Number Of Workout Subscribers

Stuck-at-home Marvel fans are trying to avoid Chris Hemsworth's Endgame bod.

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Chris Hemsworth Drops Fun New Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Extraction

Chris Hemsworth is still hyped for fans to see Extraction and I'm pumped to see more.

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How Chris Hemsworth Cries On Cue While Filming Movies Like Netflix’s Extraction
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Wait, Extraction’s Director Strapped Himself To The Hood Of A Car For Netflix’s New Movie?
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Chris Hemsworth Reflects On Why Thor 'Desperately' Needed Someone Like Taika Waititi At The Helm
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Netflix's Extraction: Chris Hemsworth Reveals The Intense Training Schedule Required For Those Fight Scenes
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Why Chris Hemsworth And Elsa Pataky Don't Live In Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth is happy living in Australia

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Extraction's Director Reveals One Trick Chris Hemsworth Used While Making The Netflix Movie
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Extraction: Netflix Revealed How Many Kills Chris Hemsworth Got, And Wow
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How Chris Hemsworth's Wife Elsa Pataky Feels About Netflix's Extraction
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Extraction 2 Is Already In The Works At Netflix
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Extraction Hits A Netflix Milestone And Chris Hemsworth Has A Message For Fans

It looks like Extraction could be one of the biggest hits of the year.

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One Problem With Signing A Guy Like Chris Hemsworth On For A Movie Like Extraction
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The Russo Brothers Talk Extraction, Marvel, Chris Hemsworth And More
Netflix's Extraction Ending Explained: What Happened At The End Of The Chris Hemsworth Movie

Tyler Rake, wanted dead or alive. I break down the ending and what I believe happened.

Chris Hemsworth Breaks Silence On Thor: Love And Thunder’s Shooting Delays
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