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Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season [DVD Review]

Season five of Chuck is well written and well produced, but it’s also an example of why sometimes stories just need to end. When the hero gets the girl, gets the life he always wanted, and even gets a cool billion in the bank as a bonus—that’s a good place to stop, no matter how much we may all want more. And that point was the end of last season.

Chuck Series Finale Watch: Goodbye Chuck

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, the journey to glorify nerd epicness began. The main quests and numerous side missions have lead to this point, where the accumulated XP will be tested in this final showdown between good and evil. This is it, boys and girls; tonight is the night that Chuck comes to an end.

Chuck Watch: Season 5, Episode 11 - Chuck Versus The Bullet Train

This is it, my fellow viewers, the penultimate episode to next week’s two-hour series finale of Chuck. Deep breath, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Granted this episode doesn’t make that task any easier as Sarah is forced to deal with the side effects of the recently introduced Intersect on her brain. Whatever your thoughts on this episode, it is clear that we are in for a huge show ender that must not be missed.

Chuck Watch: Season 5, Episode 10 - Chuck Versus Bo

As Chuck and the gang move closer and closer to the series finale, it is time to really make a decision on whether or not to get out of the spy game. Their minds are made up on where to go from here both personally and professionally, but that does not stop one final mission from getting in between them and this happy ending, culminating in a rather large cliffhanger-esque ending to set up next week’s episode of Chuck.

Chuck Watch: Season 5 - Chuck Versus The Kept Man

With only two episodes remaining, tonight’s Chuck continues to remind viewers of the possible lives for our main characters once the finale airs. In this possible, speculated future, Casey and Verbanski will form an awkwardly romantic spy team after Carmichael Industries calls it quits, reminiscent of what transpires on the mission in this episode. More importantly, Sarah and Chuck will have their happy ending, including house, white picket fence, and babies. Far less exciting, but it is exactly what they deserve.

Chuck Watch: Season 5, Episode 8 - Chuck Versus The Baby

To end its portion of the 2011 half of the season, Chuck continues its run of upward progression following the slow start. This week’s episode follows closely behind the events of the Shaw fiasco on Christmas Eve, and Sarah manages to find herself in even more trouble as a past mission resurfaces and she is forced back into old habits of secrecy as she attempts to protect a young girl, all the while pushing the “home sweet home” finale we are most likely heading towards.

Chuck Watch: Season 5 - Chuck Versus The Santa Suit

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the base, Shaw acts like a grinch, and punches Sarah’s face. …I was never good at poetry, but you get the gist. An old villain has returned to Chuck with presents galore, revealing plans, (most likely) completing story arcs, and ruining holiday celebrations for young and old. There’s nothing like the holiday spirit to bring about another great episode from our favorite spy team.

Chuck Watch: Season 5 - Chuck Versus The Curse

Following last week’s episode of Chuck that ended with a bang, the unknown agents working against Chuck must pick up the pieces that Decker left behind to continue the grand scheme against our main man. Chuck deals with some family issues when he believes he is cursed to repeat the actions of his father, Morgan finally gets some one-on-one time with Alex, and Ellie and Awesome are forced back into the spy life thanks to their decision to act out the set-up of Date Night.

Chuck Watch: Season 5 - Chuck Versus The Hack Off

After a much needed break to weaken the residual disappointment to the first few episodes of the show’s final season, Chuck is back once more to throw everything it has left at the audience. The slew of cameos continue with a much deserved nod to another NBC show as situation after ridiculously comedic situation brings this season to a high point that will hopefully continue in the weeks to come.

Chuck Watch: Season 5 - Chuck Versus The Business Trip

With the Morgan/Intersect combo no more, for the first time since season 4 Chuck manages to provide the feel that it has in seasons past. Fun is to be had as the mission finally becomes an integral part of the story telling again, and the Buy More provides the arena for a large percentage of the hijinks once more.

Chuck Watch: Season 5 - Chuck Versus The Frosted Tips

Now on week three with Morgan as The Intersect, Chuck continues its final season in the same vein as the previous two episodes. Morgan continues to annoy the group (and audience) as The Intersect messes with his mind and ego, only making things worse by becoming a traitor to the team. As everything else in the episode takes a backseat to this storyline, the promise of changes in episodes to come brings hope that the show will come full circle to what it once was by the series finale.

Grimm And Chuck Post Lower Ratings In Week 2

Both Chuck and Grimm were down in week 2.Chuck's second episode this season brought in right at 3.1 million viewers. For a Friday this isn’t terrible, but since Fox’s little-watched Kitchen Nightmares even managed 3.7 million viewers, if Chuck continues on its current path, it could be a sad way for the niche show to finish out its last season. I’ll go ahead and blame it on the show’s lead losing the intersect.

Chuck Watch: Season 5 - Chuck Versus The Bearded Bandit

With Morgan as the Intersect for a second episode, Chuck continues to explore how annoying the little bearded man can get as his pride (Morgan has pride!?) and newfound powers go to his head. There is some spy work to be done, the Buy More makes an appearance, as does Carrie-Anne Moss as competition to Carmichael Industries, but the focus remains on dealing with this new side of Morgan, for better or worse.

Grimm Premiere Gets Surprisingly Strong Ratings, But Chuck Falters Against World Series

Regardless of what happens next week, this is a strong sign for Grimm and especially for NBC, which has already had to cancel drama The Playboy Club and comedy Free Agents. Friday nights aren't typically the most high-profile times for TV shows, but if that's the hit NBC can get, I'm sure they'll be glad to take it

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