Summer can be a rough time for TV fans. Most of the big network shows are on hiatus, and fall premiere season can feel unbearably far off. Shows that debut in the summer months just aren't always enough to make up for all the series that are suddenly gone from the airwaves. Luckily, Netflix has a vast library of television series available streaming, and there's nothing like binge-watching to pass the time. The best shows for summer viewing are often shows that have already concluded and can be binge-watched from beginning to end. The pain of binge-watching five seasons of a show and then discovering that it's still in progress but on hiatus is a pain that none of us need over the summer.

So, as TV drought really begins to kick in, here is a look a ten shows that are perfect to stream over the summer. Don't worry - we've left shows with agonizing finale cliffhangers off the list.

Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy was a crime drama on FX that followed the outlaw adventures of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Each season was divided into multiple plot lines that intersected at key moments to combine the personal lives of Jax Teller and his leather-clad nearest and dearest with the criminal activities of the gang as a whole. There are heartbreaking tragedies, fist-pumping triumphs, and plenty of guys blowing stuff up and punching each other's lights out. It was a show that was difficult to watch live because it sometimes meant waiting weeks between episodes, but it's perfect for binge-watching now that the engines have been cut.

How Many Seasons Are Available: 7

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