Chuck Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix

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Netflix is currently killing it in the "bringing in billions of dollars" department, with its original programming slate wowing audiences the world over. But things aren't looking so lovely for its licensed TV library (or its film library for that matter), and when November rolls around, the streaming service is calling Chuck to its office via intercom and it's giving the action comedy a pink slip. Which means you'd better get to streaming it quickly if you're still not done.

Running for five seasons from 2007-2012, Chuck gave Zachery Levi and Yvonne Strahovski some much-deserved room in the primetime spotlight on NBC. By mixing the worlds of the nerdish everyman with CIA adventures, creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak was unlike anything else on broadcast networks, and it built up quite a following both while it was on the air and in the years since its final season. In fact, fans started up something of a social media campaign to try to get Netflix to reverse its planning to eliminate Chuck from the library.

The hashtag "#SaveChuckAgain" rose up on Twitter earlier this month after it was first made clear Netflix was looking to excise Chuck, and while mass fandoms generally don't have much to do with how Netflix's deals are made with studios and other companies, that didn't stop some of the show's stars from joining in on the pleading. Here's the tech store badass himself, or at least the guy who played him.

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Yvonne Strahovski also got in on it, and while there have been sub-miracles that have happened when it comes to what Netflix can and cannot do with the shows it gives subscribers, it appears not even Chuck and Sarah's combined efforts could do anything to stop Chuck's departure. Woe are we.

Thankfully, there are a lot of other things for you to watch on Netflix after Chuck says farewell and thanks for shopping. November is bringing in a slew of hopefully top notch original shows to streaming customers, including the first seasons of the super-expensive royal drama The Crown, the long-awaited return of Gilmore Girls for its four-episode revival, the Brazillian thriller 3%, the Kevin James film True Memoirs of an International Assassin, a Dana Carvey comedy special and way more.

So remember, you have 11 days or so to take in all the spying and customer service you can handle before Chuck (opens in new tab) leaves Netflix possibly forever on Tuesday, November 1. You also won't be able to see Powerpuff Girls' six seasons, the British Shameless, or the three Open Season movies, to name a few.

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