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What Homeland's Big Finale Death Means To The Star

Homeland's Season 6 finale made someone pay the ultimate price, and here's how the death sits with the star.

How To Watch Homeland’s Season Premiere Ahead Of Schedule

It's been a long wait for Season 6 of Homeland, and Showtime is rewarding fans of the show by allowing then to watch the season premiere ahead of its announced schedule.

One Actor Picked Homeland Over General Hospital And It's Causing Some Big Problems

It's not uncommon for actors to want to branch out and try new things in their careers, and it doesn't usually cause much trouble. But, one General Hospital actor just took a part on the Showtime series Homeland, and it's led to some unexpected upheaval.

How Homeland Season 6 Will Bring Nicholas Brody Back Into The Story

Despite being gone for a couple of seasons, Nicholas Brody will still factor into Homeland's sixth season, according to one writer and executive producer.

How Homeland's Season 5 Cliffhanger Was Originally Supposed To End

Season 5 of Homeland was another rebirth of the Showtime series, and it ended in quite a shocking way. And as the drama's showrunner revealed, it was originally going to go a different way.

Homeland Just Got Huge Renewal News From Showtime

By the middle of Homeland's third season, many critics and fans had come close to writing the show off for not seeming able to move beyond the Brody-based storyline, but now the show is stronger than ever. And Showtime is rewarding it in a big way.

The Big Change Homeland Season 6 Is Making For Carrie

Season 6 of Homeland is going to see a few differences for the hit show, especially for one important aspect of Carrie's life. Hit the jump to find out what's changing.

Was Downton Abbey Really Good Enough In Season 6 For An Emmy Nomination?

The 2016 Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and crowd favorite Downton Abbey was among the nominees for Outstanding Drama. The question is, was the show really as good as the other nominees this season?

Homeland Could Be Around For A Long Time

If there are any sympathetic viewers out there hoping that Claire Danes’ bi-polar edge-grinder Carrie Mathison would be allowed to live in fictional peace at any point in the near future, this is most definitely not the news for you.

Homeland's Emotional Season 5 Cliffhanger Just Got Answered

Homeland fans have been waiting for the past five months to get any news at all about the aftermath of the emotional Season 5 finale, and the showrunner just offered up a bunch of info.

Bomb Threat That Closed Los Angeles Schools Could Be A Homeland-Inspired Hoax

The balance between “art imitating life” and “life imitating art” is not a precise one, and there are really no limits for how far it can all go. Take, for instance, this morning's bomb threats in Los Angeles and New York, which sound a bit like one particular Showtime series.

Homeland Has Been Renewed For Season 6

There was a point a couple of years ago when news of Homeland getting renewed elicited sighs laced with mild interest, but that's all changed. Now we can celebrate another year of Showtime's best series.

Does Netflix Actually Create Better TV? See The Results

TV Fans are pretty Netflix crazy right now. With original programming being released quickly, and spanning many genres, it would seem that Netflix would be on top of the world. But, are the much-hyped Netflix shows actually better than other premium networks?

Homeland Accidentally Paid Artists To Graffiti Anti-Homeland Message

Earlier this week, an episode of Homeland aired that featured some seemingly innocuous graffiti. This week, however, the artists who created the graffiti for the set in Germany revealed the Arabic script that was present was actually pretty derogatory. Find out what it said.

How Homeland Season 5 Will Be Different From Season 4

While it wasn’t immediately obvious that Showtime’s Homeland would last very many seasons, Sunday night featured the Season 5 premiere, which is once again almost completely rebooting everything about the acclaimed drama except the characters.

Homeland Casts Carrie's New Boyfriend And More

Season 5 of Homeland just added a bunch of new cast members, including a love interest for Carrie.

10 Great Shows That Went Way Downhill

Here, we’re shining a spotlight on ten of the worst offenders when it comes to great TV shows that got increasingly more frustrating as time went by. The shows that started off fantastic and eventually got lost in the smokescreen of their own wheel-spinning.

2015 SAG Awards: See The Full List Of TV Nominees Here

The Screen Actors Guild just unleashed its nominees for 2014, and as it usually is with television, most of the nominees are pretty much what you would expect. Game Of Thrones, House Of Cards and Modern Family all cleaned up on nominations.

Showtime Renews Homeland, New Series The Affair

Showtime has a long track record of keeping shows on the air for a lengthy amount of time, and on Monday the subscription cable network announced it will be sticking with a couple of its dramas for another TV season. Fans of Homeland or The Affair should be happy to learn that both shows have been renewed for another season.

3 Big Ways Homeland Season 4 Is A Huge Improvement

While most of what we remember about these characters is still intact, they’re each under different strains and nothing is quite as it was. After two episodes, it is foolishly too soon to say that we’re in for a spectacular season, but here are three ways this quasi-reboot brings Homeland back to the dramatic forefront. And the biggest change between Seasons 3 and 4 is the top of the heap.

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