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Kevin Bacon And David Koepp Made A Horror Story While In Quarantine And You Can Hear It Right Now
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14 Dance Movies To Watch If You Liked Netflix's Work It

After you've seen Work It, check out these other dance movies.

Kevin Bacon Responds To Guardians Of The Galaxy Shout-Outs

He's best known as an actor, while some look at him as a "great hero."

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Kevin Bacon Really Enjoyed His Chance To Film Opposite Himself In You Should Have Left
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Kevin Bacon Reveals The Downside To His Iconic Friday The 13th Role
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Kevin Bacon’s You Should Have Left Director Explains Why The Movie’s A Better Fit For VOD
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Blumhouse's You Should Have Left Trailer: Watch Kevin Bacon And Amanda Seyfried Terrified In A Haunted House
Kevin Bacon Shares Thoughts On Tom Hanks After Trading Emails Post Coronavirus Diagnosis

Apollo 13 co-stars Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon have been swapping emails since the former revealed he was diagnosed with Coronavirus.

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Why Kevin Bacon Is Sticking With TV For Showtime's City On A Hill

Kevin Bacon is no longer the stranger to TV that he once was, and Showtime's City on a Hill easily convinced him to return to the medium.

Kevin Bacon Landed His First Big TV Drama After The Following

Kevin Bacon has an exciting new series on the way, and we can't wait.

Who Robert Englund Wants To Play Freddy In A Nightmare On Elm Street Reboot

CinemaBlend recently spoke to A Nightmare On Elm Street icon Robert Englund about the possibility of seeing Freddy Krueger recast, and he admitted that he thinks there's one specific actor who could pull it off.

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How Kyra Sedgwick Felt When She Found Out She Was Related To Husband Kevin Bacon

Finding out your spouse is related to you would freak out anybody. Here's how Kyra Sedgwick took it when she learned Kevin Bacon was in her family tree.

The Tremors TV Show Is Moving Forward, Get The Details

The Graboids may be making their way to the small screen! A new show based on the cult film Tremors is in the works, and the original star will be back.

Kevin Bacon Is Ready To Tackle A Famous Horror Movie Villain

Kevin Bacon seems to think that he's ready to tackle one of the most iconic slasher movie roles of all time. Find out who it is!

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Kevin Bacon Just Found His Next TV Role In A Pilot With An Outrageous Title

Kevin Bacon seems to realize the importance of a good title in the world of television, as his next TV role has one of the most ridiculous titles in recent memory.

Mark Wahlberg's Patriots' Day Has Assembled An A-List Cast

The Boston Marathon bombing drama Patriots' Day's has put together an incredible ensemble cast. And it's not just because it includes both John Goodman and J.K. Simmons.

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A Tremors TV Show Is Happening, Because Kevin Bacon

In the 25 years since Tremors hit the big screen, countless numbers of monster movies have been released, but few have managed to straight up top this cult classic for sheer enjoyment. And now it's getting a TV show.

Why Movies Need More Penises, According To Kevin Bacon

Footloose and The Following star Kevin Bacon has something he'd like to show you, and it's his penis.

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Cute Kids Take Down A Corrupt Kevin Bacon In The Cop Car Trailer

Youthful mischief turns to a game of backwoods cat and mouse in the first trailer for Cop Car, starring Kevin Bacon. After the jump, see the trailer that's too awesome to pass up.

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Kevin Bacon Thanks Fans After The Following Is Cancelled

It was just a few days ago that Fox made the difficult decision to cancel The Following. Over the weekend, Kevin Bacon took some time out to thank fans for sticking with the drama.

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