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The 10 Best Dog Movies Ranked, Including Togo

This one's for man's best friend.

Owen Wilson Knows Dogs Die A Lot In His Movies

It's not uncommon for actors to end up playing similar roles on a regular basis throughout their careers or to otherwise make similar films over and over again. However, it seems that Owen Wilson has a somewhat unusual calling card.

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Why Marley & Me Will Never Work As A Series

There was a time when live-action TV series often boasted animals as main characters, with Mr. Ed and Flipper serving as two of the most popular examples. And now there's a Marley & Me sequel TV series in the works. Can we all agree that this idea rings slightly dumb as shit and that it’ll never work?

How Can You Say No To That Face?

It’s almost time to heel the love all over again. On March 31st, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will bring you Marley and Me on DVD and Blu-ray.

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