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30 Rock Is Leaving Netflix, But It Already Has A New Streaming Home

It looks like 30 Rock is leaving Netflix at the end of the month, but the good news is that it will immediately find a new home on another streaming platform.

One Parenthood Actor Is Already 100% In On A Revival

NBC's Parenthood was never the biggest ratings bringer for the network, but fans still really like the drama, and because of the meaningful way those fans have interacted with the series, there have been some rumors we could get a revival.

Could A Parenthood Revival Happen? Here's What The Creator Says

It has become clear that fans of cancelled shows are more than willing to see their favorite characters make a comeback. And because of this, people are constantly asking those behind completed shows if there will be a reboot. Case in point: Parenthood and its creator Jason Katims.

11 Recent TV Character Deaths That Broke Our Hearts

we looked back over the past two years – the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 TV seasons – and pulled out 11 deaths that tore half of our collective heart from our chest and used it to pummel the other half into a tear-shaped pulp.

Fandoms Collide! A Parenthood Actor Is Heading To Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls fans are HYPED for the show to finally arrive on Netflix later this year, and now it looks like there’s a reason for fans of the late, great Parenthood to get excited about the revival as well.

Parenthood Creator Would Like To Make More Parenthood Episodes

Parenthood only wrapped up its sixth and final season back in January, but the creator of NBC’s family drama, Jason Katims, is already looking to revitalize the series. Details here.

Parenthood Series Finale Watch: Farewell, Bravermans

Parenthood is the kind of series that could've simply kept going. With an emphasis on the challenges and triumphs that come with being a part of a family, the story was never really set up for any kind of definitive ending.

This Parenthood Actor Won't Appear In The Series Finale

It’s hard to believe that NBC’s Parenthood is wrapping up its final season. During the January 29 finale, we should be able to say goodbye to a good chunk of the show’s characters, but there will be one familiar face who will be noticeably absent

10 TV Characters Who Could Die In 2015

From cancer to murder, fantasy dramas and crime dramas and more and more frequently killing off popular characters. I’d like to blame Game of Thrones’ first season for explaining to audiences that no character is really safe, but is it? Without further ado, here are 10 big deaths we expect to see in 2015.

10 Great TV Shows That Are Ending In 2015

With each new year comes new beginnings, whether in the form of resolutions to become happier with oneself, or in the form of frustration over trying to get taxes done. But, sadly, 2015 in particular will mark the endings for a slew of popular TV series all over the network-sphere.

12 TV Characters Who Could And Would Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner

Here at Cinema Blend, we hope you’re having the best Thanksgiving of your life, because the holidays are about spending time with those you love. (Among other gravy-covered things.) But we’re not so naïve to think that happiness is the only emotion happening any time a big group of family members gets together. At least you don't have to spend the holidays with these people.

9 Popular Television Shows That Have Gone Off The Rails

We’ve compiled a list of the current TV shows that we feel have officially jumped the track. They’ve been on too long or maybe their characters have started to make nonsensical decisions. Perhaps their writing staff has been cut due to budget restraints. Whatever the reason, these are the nine shows on TV that are officially off the rails.

The Parenthood Kids, Ranked From Bad To The Worst

From talking back to being unreasonable and from spoiled antics to general brattish behavior, the kids on NBC’s Parenthood have an awful lot of problems. So, with only a few episodes of Parenthood left to air, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rank the obnoxious children on the show from the best to the worst. Although even the best doesn't mean a model child on this show.

Lauren Graham Hops From Parenthood To This Comedy

Lauren Graham has been crushing her character on Parenthood for the past several years. However, Parenthood is already though its sixth and final season, meaning the show’s incredible cast is also looking for work. The good news for Graham is that she’s already found a gig.

Why Parenthood Season 6 Will Probably Be Really Sad

Today, Parenthood showrunner Jason Katims is saying mortality will affect the final season throughout its 13-episode run. If there’s one thing that Parenthood does really well, it is tie in to the emotionality of being human. Now in its sixth and final season, it looks like Parenthood will be going out with a bang. Find out what we can expect from the premiere.

5 Things To Watch Instead Of Thursday Night Football

Football season is upon us once more, and while my pint glass runneth over with excitement, I can understand that non-sports fans probably aren’t enthused about seeing big green fields and big angry men taking over their televisions. So here are five things you could be watching instead of Thursday Night Football.

Betsy Brandt Returning To Parenthood During Season 6

NBC may have cancelled Betsy Brandt’s latest series, The Michael J. Fox Show, but it seems the professional actress doesn’t hold a grudge against the network. She’s signed on to return to the NBC drama Parenthood for a recurring role in the show’s sixth and final season. Brandt formerly popped up in an episode of Parenthood back in 2012.

5 Deserving Shows That Will Probably Never Attain Emmy Gold

Here are five series that never got the Primetime Emmy attention they deserve, and probably never will. This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, and doesn’t reflect the entire TV landscape, but these are series that have been on for multiple years that mostly retained the same level of quality and enjoyment.

Parenthood And Parks And Recreation Officially Returning For Final Seasons

The network’s full 2014-2015 lineup included the announcements that Parenthood’s Season 6 and Parks and Recreation’s Season 7 will be the final ones for both. I think a big group “aww” is in order here, but not the same kind of “aww” that Community turned into a catchphrase.

NBC 2014-2015 Line-Up Reveals New Series And Big Changes For Thursday Night

NBC has officially unveiled their 2014-2015 lineup, which reveals some big changes to their schedule the most notable of which is a very different Thursday night line-up. NBC has traditionally blocked out four half-hour slots for comedies on Thursday night, however this Fall, they've set The Biggest Loser in the 8:00 p.m. slot, followed by two new comedies and then the return of Parenthood...

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