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And Now, A Rocky And Bullwinkle Show Is On The Way

The iconic moose and squirrel duo are making a comeback.

One Desperate Housewives Star Really Wants A Revival

One cast member is wanting to take another walk down Wisteria Lane.

The Reboot Of Transformers May Not Be Happening After All

It turns out that that report of the Transformers franchise reboot may be just a rumor after all.

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Could A Nanny Revival Happen? Here’s What Fran Drescher Said

Classic shows like Will and Grace, Roseanne, and Gilmore Girls have all returned for revivals, but could classic 90s sitcom The Nanny be next on the list?

The Quantum Leap Movie Has A Script, Here’s What We Know

Several popular TV shows from the 80s and 90sa have been adapted as feature films in recent years. Now, it turns out that a cult favorite actually has a theatrical script already written. Who's ready for the Quantum Leap movie?

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How The Hellboy Reboot Will Take Advantage Of Its R Rating

While many fans have been disappointed that they'll never see the end of Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy trilogy, they've been bolstered by the idea that the planned reboot is going to be a much darker story than the previous iteration.

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Could Alias Get Rebooted? Here's What The Writers Say

The popular series Alias ran on ABC for five seasons but in an age where just about anything can be rebooted back into existence, could Alias receive a similar treatment. This is what the writer's of the show think.

Why Elizabeth Banks Won't Play An Angel In Charlie's Angels

The fact that the Charlie's Angels franchise was receiving a reboot probably didn't surprise many people. However, the film's choice of director may have.

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How Milla Jovovich Feels About The Resident Evil Reboot

It's only been a few months since the Resident Evil film franchise wrapped itself up, but now talks of a reboot are already happening. The star has some thoughts on this.

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Dynasty Reboot Is Officially Happening, Will Hopefully Feature Tons Of Fights

As America continues to give high ratings towards wealthy beautiful families and their drama, there couldn't be a better time to reboot Dynasty. Here's what we know regarding the retelling of one of the 80's best dramas.

How The New Hellboy Movie Will Be Different From Guillermo Del Toro's Version

After fans have hoped against hope for years that they might one day see Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 3, we now know that we will get another Hellboy movie, but it won't be that. Now we're getting our first idea as to what sort of movie it will be.

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The Matrix Reboot May Not Actually Be A Reboot At All

The announcement that The Matrix was potentially being rebooted has got a lot of people up in arms. However, it's possible that the truth is that while more Matrix films are being worked on, calling them a reboot might not be accurate.

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One Important Part Of The Highlander Mythology The Reboot Plans To Explore

Now that John Wick: Chapter 2 is out in the world, director Chad Stahelski is already focusing on his next big project, the planned reboot of the Highlander franchise. One aspect that he plans to delve into is an area where John Wick also excelled.

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Why J.J. Abrams Won’t Direct Another Remake Or Reboot

J.J Abrams somehow found himself in the position of being the guy to restart two of the biggest science fiction franchises in the history of all media. He's become as known for that as he is for lens flare. However, now the director says he's done with the remakes and reboots

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What The New Escape From New York May Be About

Details have just come out that may give an idea of what to expect from this new version of Escape from New York.

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The Highlander Reboot Just Made A Very Exciting Choice For Its Director

Much like its title character, the attempt to reboot the Highlander franchise seems incapable of being killed. While the project has been in development hell for years, it's possible that it may have just received the boost that it needed to get out. A new director has been brought on board, and he's a pretty solid choice.

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The Pros And Cons Of Reboots Vs Original Shows, According To NBC

It would take more than two hands to count the number of remakes, reboots and revivals that have made their way to television over the past couple of years. Some of these have done pretty well for networks and streaming services while others have failed horribly.

System Shock Will Be Coming To PS4, Get The Details

It looks like even more gamers will be invited to return to Citadel Station via the upcoming System Shock remake as the development team at Nightdive announces plans to launch the game on PlayStation 4.

The Saint Is Getting Remade Again, With Franchise Potential

As with many already established properties, The Saint is now primed for a(nother) reboot. This time, though, the plan is to do more than hit and quit it with the idea. Like many one shot films with potential for more installments, the filmmakers hoping to bring The Saint back to the big screen are looking to build a franchise out of it.

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The Ghostbusters Reboot Will Be Getting Its Own Video Game, Here's What We Know

So while the new Ghostbusters film is releasing this summer with its all-female cast, publisher Activision has stepped forward to confirm the movie will now be getting its own video game.

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