Johnny Knoxville Gets Real About Reboot Being Canceled Despite Great Reviews, And John Stamos And More Send Support

There’s no arguing we’re in a reboot/revival age of entertainment and, sometimes, it seems there are few shows from past decades still out there that haven’t been updated for the current generation. That makes it all the more upsetting when an original series like Reboot — an ensemble comedy from Modern Family creator Steve Levitan — gets the ax after a single season. Johnny Knoxville, whose performance was just one of many reasons to watch, spoke out about the series' cancellation and received supportive messages from John Stamos and other celebrities.

In addition to Johnny Knoxville, the Reboot cast boasted numerous comedy vets, including Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Paul Reiser, Krista Marie Yu and Rachel Bloom. The meta comedy centered around the revival of the cheesy fictional sitcom Step Right Up and the drama that ensued off-screen and in the writers’ room. The Jackass veteran got real in an Instagram post about Hulu’s decision to cancel the series, writing:  

It’s with a heavy heart that I say that despite getting great reviews and being nominated for a critics choice award @hulu has failed to pick up Reboot even for a second season. Pretty unbelievable. Working on this show has been one of the great highlights of my life, and I wanted to thank @stevelevitan and the entire stellar cast for allowing me to be part of this show. It’s not over yet though, as we tend to shop it around and hopefully it will find a home with a studio who believes in and knows how to properly support a new show as it continues to grow.

It’s a pretty scathing message to the streamer, but the reason for Johnny Knoxville’s frustration is obvious. As he pointed out, that the series was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best Comedy Series. It also was positively received by pundits, amassing an 88% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  

Johnny Knoxville was definitely not alone in voicing his disappointment, as a number of celebrities commented their support for the actor, including Full House alum John Stamos, who wrote: 

Sucks. Sorry man. Was a good show.

Other famous names who joined the Uncle Jesse portrayer in mourning the end of the series (after just eight episodes) were Reboot star Judy Greer and more, who commented: 

  • Judy Greer: Amen
  • Maria Menounos: What?!!!!!!!!! Where do I start the protest. Hubby and I are OBSESSED!!!!!!!
  • Whitney Cummings: Boo. Uncool. Amazing I’m still shocked by this business.

Judy Greer shined in her leading role as Step Right Up matriarch Bree, and former child star Calum Worthy played the most hilarious meta version of former child star Zack. The Sex Lives of College Girls’ cast member Alyah Chanelle Scott was amazing in her recurring role as a reality show star-turned-aspiring actress, and that’s just to name a few. In taking the action off the stage and into a diverse, multi-generational writers’ room, Reboot also made pointed commentary about the state of comedy in today’s world.

It’s a shame that Hulu isn’t giving Reboot a second season, but Johnny Knoxville says they’re shopping it around. So hopefully, there’s a chance we'll see the Step Right Up cast and writers return with a different studio. In the meantime, you can watch Season 1 using a Hulu subscription, and check out our 2023 TV schedule to see what shows are premiering soon. 

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