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Jigsaw Ending: What Happened, And What It Might Mean

Just when you thought the Saw legacy couldn't get any more twisted, the ending to Jigsaw left audiences with more head scratching than ever before. Find out why inside.

Jigsaw Box Office: The Saw Franchise Returns To Take The Number One Spot

The Saw franchise was a cinematic tradition for seven straight years during Halloween, with the low-budget torture porn series constantly looping back on itself and inventing new creative ways to kill people. Now, after seven years away, it has returned to reclaim the top spot at the box office.

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Ranking The Saw Movie Traps, From Disturbing To Nightmare-Inducing

For seven straight years, the Saw franchise basically defined the "torture porn" horror subgenre -- offering audiences the opportunity to see characters die in remarkably horrible, disgusting ways.

James Gunn's 50 Favorite Horror Movies Of All-Time

With Halloween right around the corner, James Gunn has compiled his top 50 favorite scary movies, and they should be considered required viewing around the holiday.

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Saw Is Returning To Universal's Halloween Horror Nights And It Looks Scary AF

The SAW: The Games of Jigsaw House is coming to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. Take a video look at what the demented puppet has in store!

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The First Jigsaw Trailer Is Mysterious And Surprisingly Not That Bloody

The first trailer for Jigsaw was just released, and it features a lot less blood and guts than its predecessors.

How Jigsaw Will Be Different From Other Saw Movies

Saw is famous for making torture porn mainstream, although now it appears that the next installment might be a lot easier to sit through.

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Jigsaw’s Poster Brings Back One Of Saw’s Creepiest Images

While details regarding Jigsaw's plot are being kept under wraps, a new creepy poster was just released that features one of the more iconic images from the long running franchise.

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Why The New Saw Movie's Title Is A Serious WTF To The Franchise

The Saw franchise will soon be back in theaters, and the upcoming installment has a title that will probably make fans of the property shake their heads.

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How Jigsaw Will Fit Into Saw: Legacy

Well, it looks like Lionsgate's consistent threats to reboot/continue the Saw franchise are coming to fruition, as Saw: Legacy has not only continued to exist, but now it has a release date and some preliminary plot details. One of which is how the OG puzzle master himself will factor into the new film.

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Cannibal Horror Raw Red-Band Trailer Is Bloody And Super Disturbing

Raw first made waves when it was reported that people needed medical attention after its first screening. Well, here's the trailer for the cannibal horror, and it's pretty easy to see why people were passing out.

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Movies That Need To Stop Being Considered Halloween Classics ASAP

Check out our list of overrated horror films that seriously need to stop being considered Halloween classics as soon as possible.

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Upcoming Horror Movie Sequels: The Latest On Our Favorite Killer Franchises

Check out our handy guide to get a status update on the upcoming sequels for all of your favorite horror franchises!

7 Classic Horror Movie Scares That Don't Work Anymore

Although Hollywood continues to produce some genuinely terrifying horror films to this very day, some scares simply don't work as well as they used to.

The Saw Franchise Is Returning, Get The Details

Fans of the Horror movie genre know one thing for certain: it’s never really over. Despite 2010’s Saw 3D being billed as the final chapter, it appears we’ll soon be seeing twisty the clown and an unnecessary amount of gore in the near future.

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8 Great Movies To Watch Before Netflix Gets Rid Of Them On November 1

November 1st is coming rapidly, which means the eight films on this Netflix watch list are going to disappear. Better hurry!

The Saw Re-Release Bombed On An Historic Level, Here's Why

While Saw was hoping to celebrate its tenth anniversary on Halloween, instead it mourned. Find out why Jigsaw's return bombed huge, and why a new film isn't exactly the best idea.

Every Single Saw Movie, Ordered By Greatness

We got to thinking about just how well the series held up in its seven film run. Which means it's our chance to turn the tables on Jigsaw and judge his works based on our own form of bias and vengeance.

The First Saw Just Got A Middle Finger In The Form Of This Honest Trailer

Saw turns ten years old this Halloween! To commemorate the occasion, Screen Junkies decided to handcraft a fitting present: a video forcing the franchise to own up to its faults, or to die on the vine. Let the games begin!

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Saw Producers Have Huge Plans For The Next Movie, Get The Specifics

Jigsaw looks like he might be coming back to theaters in a brand new adventure. At least that's what two of the producers of the famed Saw franchise have to say. Read on to see who else might be coming back to take punishment to a new level.

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