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How To Watch Seinfeld Streaming

Seinfeld is one of the most popular and enduring sitcoms in TV history. Here are several ways for you to watch or re-watch the series via streaming to your heart's delight.

21 Seinfeld Quotes That We'll Never Stop Repeating

Seinfeld gave the world some truly iconic and amazing lines during its run on NBC, and these quotes are the ones that we will never, ever stop repeating.

What Jerry Seinfeld Really Thinks About Doing More Seinfeld

When Jerry Seinfeld signed a deal with Netflix earlier this year, some of you may have started holding your breath for a return to the world of the legendary sitcom Seinfeld.

Seinfeld: The Cast Then And Now

Over the course of its run, Seinfeld assembled one of the most eclectic and hilarious TV ensembles of all time. Here's a look back on then and now.

Jerry Seinfeld Refused To Hug Kesha In Most Seinfeld Move Ever

Big-name stars run into fans wherever they go, and awkward exchanges can happen. One exchange recently happened between Jerry Seinfeld and singer Kesha, and it's worth watching. Check it out!

How Seinfeld's Soup Nazi Episode Was Almost Way Crazier

Seinfeld is a series that has so many quotes and one-liners, it's almost impossible to say any which one tops the list. While that may be true, I don't think there's any denying that the episode "The Soup Nazi" ranks among the best. It almost was a lot crazier though...

7 Big Fan Theories That Completely Change Beloved TV Shows

Fan theories are a common occurrence online, and these seven completely change the way in which we view some of our favorite TV shows.

Twin Peaks Actor Warren Frost Dead At 91

Warren Frost, who played Doc Hayward on Twin Peaks, has passed away at the age of 91. Here is everything we currently know.

One Major Seinfeld Component That Was Almost Cut By The Network

One of the most recognizable aspects of Seinfeld was almost cut by NBC before the legendary sitcom even premiered.

Check Out Jason Alexander's Awesome Festivus Wishes For Seinfeld Fans Everywhere

It truly is a Festivus for the rest of us. Check out Jason Alexander's warm holiday wishes for Seinfeld fans this Festivus season.

What Happened To 12 Classic 90s Actors

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite 90s actors? We've got the scoop.

11 Failed TV Spinoffs That Actually Sound Awesome

Even great ideas can fall by the wayside. Check out our list of failed TV spinoffs that actually sound awesome!

The Hilarious Origin Story Behind One Of Seinfeld's Most Memorable Side Characters

Few TV series have had as many memorable characters as Seinfeld, even when the central quartet isn't included. And one of the best of the bunch was actually created almost entirely from a misunderstanding.

The Weird Way Seinfeld Could Have Been Revived

Jerry Seinfeld recently opened up regarding how his iconic, self-titled, NBC sitcom almost received a bizarre revival.

The 11 Greatest TV Characters We Never Actually Saw Onscreen

Almost every great TV show has at least four major characters for viewers to invest their hopes, dreams, dread and anger in, and most have more, but it's far easier to narrow down the number of memorable characters that we only heard about and heard from, but never actually saw with our eyes. Here are the 11 greatest ones.

See Jerry's Apartment In Seinfeld Recreated In Doom 2

It seems crazy that people are still making hugely popular DOOM mods in today's age, but alas it's still a thing. An no, I'm not talking about mods for the 2016 DOOM game from id Software, I'm talking about mods for DOOM 2 from way back in 1994.

The Catchphrases Jerry Seinfeld Still Loves To Use From Seinfeld

Just as people still quote Shakespeare when we're stoked about the wicked light breaking through yonder window, people will be quoting Seinfeld for years to come. Here's what Jerry Seinfeld still likes to say.

The Best Joke Jerry Seinfeld Ever Came Up With On Seinfeld

There are a plethora of hilarious jokes that remain memorable, and many that would seemingly vie for the distinction of being Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite self-pitched idea, but there is one that the man himself takes top billing.

Why Filming The Seinfeld Finale Was Different Than Any Other Episode, According To Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has revealed the thing that made filming the Seinfeld finale different from any other episode of the landmark NBC series. Here's what she had to say.

A Seinfeld Superfan Recounted The Entire Keith Hernandez Episode In An Advice Column Letter

Jerry Seinfeld’s famed television show is known for many things. Outrageous plots. Crazy main characters. Even crazier supporting characters. And even weird shenanigans that happened after the show's run.

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