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Dark Matter Could Have Crossed Over With Stargate

Fans were surprised and saddened when Syfy cancelled Dark Matter after three seasons a couple of months ago. This was especially true since the space drama ended on a major cliffhanger, and now we know that the series could have crossed over with another sci-fi franchise: Stargate.

The Stargate Franchise Is Getting A New Show

Through additional films, more than 300 television episodes, video games and countless fan conventions and appearances, the fandom has grown, at least among a very vocal base. Now, those diehards are being rewarded with a brand new television series.

7 Television Shows Better Than The Films They Are Based On

TV is never free from shows based on hit movies from yesteryear, and we've pulled together seven small screen adaptations that totally out-do their big screen counterparts.

Why The Stargate Reboot Isn’t Happening, According To Roland Emmerich

A little over two years after it was announced, Roland Emmerich has revealed that the Stargate reboot probably won't be made. Here's the reason why.

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Why The Stargate Reboot Needs To Be Made, According To The Writer

Before Roland Emmerich became known for large-scale films that had a tendency to destroy the world, he and his production partner made a little science fiction movie called Stargate. Now, it looks like a reboot may happen, but the difference here is that the original creators plan to do it themselves.

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The Stargate Reboot Is One Step Closer To Happening, Get The Latest

Roland Emmerich's Stargate reboot has officially got its writers. Nicholas Wright and James A. Woods are in final negotiations for the second of a planned trilogy that somehow got stalled after the film raked in $200 million worldwide when it debuted back in 1994.

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Stargate Reboot Will Be Based On The Original Trilogy Plans For The Franchise

Director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin has some very big plans for the Stargate franchise. As we reported late last month, the two filmmakers are now working hard to reinvigorate the sci-fi series they created back in the mid-90s, bringing it back with a whole new trilogy of movies. What may surprise you, however, is that the plans they are moving forward with are the ones they originally envisioned back when the first film was being made.

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New Stargate Trilogy Moving Forward With Roland Emmerich Attached To Direct

Blockbuster director Roland Emmerich first floated the idea of launching a new Stargate trilogy all the way back in September of last year, but it is only now that it appears the project is actually moving forward. News has arrived that Warner Bros. and MGM have struck a deal that will see the relaunch of the sci-fi franchise.

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Roland Emmerich Wants To Make A New Stargate Trilogy

"We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot, and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts," Emmerich told the site, seemingly implying that the new movie would not continue with the previously established continuity.

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Canceled Stargate SG-1: Alliance Mission Videos Surface

One of the many canceled games from the long line of canceled licensed games out there is a little something something called Stargate SG-1: Alliance. A new video (if we can call it that) was released for the shelved project, showcasing an entire mission from start to finish, using classic Stargate weapons, enemies and technology oftentimes featured in the show.

Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special Airs Tonight, Featuring Amanda Tapping, Jamie Bamber, Sam Witwer And Others

Twenty years ago, the Sci-Fi Channel debuted on U.S. cable television, and since then, the channel has offered us some of the more imaginative programming on television, whether it fall under actual science fiction, fantasy, reality or paranormal. Or wrestling. Don't forget wrestling! Syfy's celebrating its 20th Anniversary on television with a special that's set to air tonight and will feature the stars of some of its beloved shows.

Stargate: Universe Gets Final Season Release On DVD

Universe was canceled; however, all ten episodes of season 2 will live on into infamy in DVD format. There are two strange things about this release. The first is MGM isn’t giving viewers an opportunity to buy Season 2 on Blu-Ray. This is weird because they’ve spent the last few years revamping SG-1 and Atlantis for Blu-Ray release. This is all strange because Season 1 of Universe was widely marketed specifically for Blu-Ray.

By Cancelling Stargate: Universe SyFy Cancelled The Entire Stargate Franchise

When the SyFy network announced the cancellation of Stargate: Universe as part of their ongoing move away from actual science fiction programming towards stuff douche bags might want to wear on a trucker cap

Syfy Cancels Stargate Universe

There’s bad news if you’re a fan of Syfy’s Stargate Universe. It seems the series is going the way of Caprica. Word is, Syfy has opted not to pick up Stargate Universe for a third season.

FlixWorthy: Pillars of Earth, Men Who Stare at Goats, and More

Welcome back to FlixWorthy, your weekly guide to Netflix streaming. This week we've got costume dramas, inept Jedi warriors, and musical transvestites

It's Time To Embrace The Stargate You Have, SG Fans

Long-time Stargate fans need to stop their whining and complaining about Stargate Universe. Syfy has just announced that the series first half posted the best ratings for any Stargate series since the premiere season of Stargate Atlantis. In fact, it saw a 22% total viewer increase over the latest season of SGA

Prep For Stargate Universe Season 2 With SGU 1.0 On DVD

How can anyone keep track of all of these Stargate shows? There’s SG-1, Infinity, Atlantis, and, the newest of the bunch, Universe. This isn’t going to help you with the first three, but if you’re looking to catch up on Stargate Universe before the new episodes air in the spring, just pick up SGU 1.0 on DVD or Blu-ray on February 9th

Interview: Stargate's Erick Avari

Erick Avari has one of those "that guy" faces. Even if you couldn't put a name to the face, if you were to see his picture, you'd recognize him as "that guy" from the dozens of movies he's appeared in over the past decade and a half

Stargate Universe Video Clip: Light

This week’s episode of Stargate Universe looks like it’ll be an intense one. Stars colliding, Destiny in danger! Will everyone survive? We’ve got a clip from Friday night’s episode for those of you who want a taste a few days early.

New Clips From Stargate Universe

The franchise that just won’t quit, Stargate serves up yet another spin-off tomorrow night. Stargate Universe tomorrow on SyFy. The cast includes Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ming-Na, and others as a group thrown together aboard an abandoned starship.

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