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The Best Kristen Stewart Movies And How To Watch Them

From David Fincher thrillers to underwater adventures, these are the best Kristen Stewart movies and where to watch them.

Kristen Stewart: 8 Reasons She's Actually Really Awesome

The mixed reactions people have when you mention the name Kristen Stewart are astounding. Some love her, some hate her, and some just think of her as that ‘chick from Twilight’. But despite the way tabloids often paint the actress, she’s definitely not going anywhere.

Weekend Box Office: Focus Banks Blurry Number One, American Sniper Just Misses The Mark

It was rough going this weekend for Will Smith's latest offering. Although the movie came in at number one, that was due to the slowness of the February box office doldrums than a massive audience turn out.

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2015 BAFTA Winners - See The Complete List Here

We’re still a full two weeks away from the Academy Awards, but tonight in London was the biggest in British cinema. The British Academy Film Awards, better known as the BAFTAs, were held this evening - and it will be fascinating to see how it winds up having an effect on the on-going race in Hollywood.

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The Role Julianne Moore Should Have Won An Oscar For, According To Julianne Moore

There are many (including this reporter) who think that Julianne Moore is long overdue for an Oscar win. As the 54-year-old actress revs up for another Academy Awards ceremony, where she’s once again nominated for Best Actress, we can’t help but look back at all the roles where she was robbed of the statuette. Though I’m sure we all have our picks as to the worst offense of this, and Moore has her own.

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The Behind The Scenes Work Julianne Moore Put Into Getting Her Oscar Nom

Among the more deserving Oscar nominations this year sits Julianne Moore who put months of research into authenticating her performance.

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Still Alice Trailer: Watch Julianne Moore Emerge As An Oscar Frontrunner

The general public hasn't had the opportunity to see the highly praised performance of Julianne Moore in Still Alice. That was, until now. Watch an exclusive trailer of the Oscar frontrunner.

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