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Meghan Markle's Half Sister Claps Back At Prince Harry’s Comments About Her Family

Prince Harry recently mentioned the Royal Family was the family she "never had", leading half-sister Samantha Grant to take to Twitter to refute these comments, and throw some stones her sister's way.

The Most Pirated Shows Of 2017 Make Perfect Sense

2017 is very nearly at an end, which means the time has come to look back at the most-pirated shows of the past year. The results are exactly what you might expect.

Meghan Markle Has Already Spoken Out About Her Dream Wedding Dress

Meghan Markle's wedding dress could change the direction of royal-wedding fashion forever.

Suits Apparently Planned For Meghan Markle's Exit A Long Time Ago

Meghan Markle is set to depart Suits now that she is engaged to Prince Harry, and it turns out that the show was planning on her exit for quite some time.

Suits Is Probably Losing Patrick J. Adams And More If Season 8 Happens

Suits has gone through some major changes in the last couple of seasons, and some more are likely in store if it should return for Season 8. Patrick J. Adams is probably out as Mike, and he's not the only one.

Suits Spinoff Just Cast Two New Characters

The Jessica Pearson centered Suits spinoff just got two new characters, which give us a bit more insight into the new series.

One Way Meghan Markle's Romance With Prince Harry Has Affected Suits Co-Stars

Meghan Markle made a name for herself in primetime thanks to her role on Suits, but she's been big headlines lately due to her relationship with Prince Harry, which has affected Suits stars in some major ways.

How The Suits Midseason Finale Just Set Up The Jessica Pearson Spinoff

A Jessica Pearson spinoff has been in the works at USA for a while. Now, the midseason finale has finally set up just how the spinoff is going to get going. Here's what happened.

The Major Way Suits Has Changed After 100 Episodes, According To One Star

Suits has officially aired its milestone 100th episode. One star seized the opportunity to look back at all seven seasons of the series and chat about how everything has changed.

What USA's Suits Is Doing With That Jessica Pearson Spinoff

Suits had some bad news for fans back in Season 6 when Gina Torres departed as the venerable Jessica Pearson. Luckily, there was talk of a spinoff all about Jessica. Here's the latest development.

Suits Season 7 Premiere Added A New Partner To The Firm, And We Still Can't Believe It

Suits has finally returned to USA for Season 7, and the premiere featured a big change in the Pearson Specter Litt status quo. There's a new partner on board.

New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In May 2017

This month, keep your eyes peeled for Logan, the R-rated ending chapter to the Wolverine-oriented flicks and more!

Psych's Dule Hill Just Landed His Next TV Role

Dule Hill has a consistent source of laughs on the small screen for years as Gus on Psych. Now, he's headed to another show that sounds like a great fit for him.

An Unexpected Character Just Made A Huge Return On Suits

Season 6 of Suits has officially come to an end, and the finale brought back a character we haven't seen in a while for a game-changing contribution.

A Suits Spinoff May Be Happening With An Unexpected Character

Not a network known for its spinoffs, USA is considering a follow-up series to current hit Suits, and it's probably not about who you'd think.

Suits Is Finally Introducing Harvey's Mom, Here's Who Will Play Her

USA's legal drama Suits will soon get a lot more dramatic on the family front. Harvey's long-absent mother will make her debut, and we now know who will tackle the role.

Suits Season 6 Just Wrapped, And the Photos Are Adorable

It's hard to believe that Suits has already been on the air for most of six seasons. It has however, and USA has thankfully already renewed it for Season 7.

Why Gina Torres Decided To Leave Suits

There are spoilers in this article if you haven't caught last night's episode of Suits, yet. If you are holding off, feel free to check out one of our other excellent articles.

How Suits' Finale Twist Will Completely Change Things Up For The Future Of The Show

Suits has come to an end in 2016 with its Season 6 summer finale. Fans will be left with a whole lot of questions thanks to the big game-changer from the final minutes of the episode.

How Harvey Really Feels About Donna On Suits

Recently, Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey on the long-running series, spoke out about their complicated relationship, including how Harvey really feels about Donna in Suits. Here's what he had to say.

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